Death Stranding Is Coming To PC Game Pass August 23

After a series of teases over the course of the past few days, Xbox has finally confirmed the news. Death Stranding will be coming to Game Pass on PC, and best of all, you really don't have long to wait until the game is added to the subscription service.

The PC Game Pass Twitter account changed its profile picture a few days ago and relayed a mysterious message that it didn't care to explain until now. Despite it taking until Friday for the official explanation and confirmation, it didn't take nearly as long for players to figure out what exactly the changes and message hinted at. Death Stranding fans quickly highlighted the landscape in PC Game Pass's new Twitter avi was from the game.

Fast forward to Friday morning, and it turns out they were spot on. Xbox confirmed the news by posting a screenshot of a briefcase from the game with a bright green Game Pass sticker slapped on the side of it. Not quite as subtle as the profile pic change earlier in the week. The finer details of the game's arrival have been outlined in a post on the Xbox website.

“Kojima Productions and 505 Games are incredibly excited to announce that Death Stranding is launching August 23 with PC Game Pass,” the post reads. The Game Pass version will also include the ability to play Death Stranding in ultra-wide, use its photo mode, and experience cross over content from other well-known franchises. There's a PT easter egg in there somewhere, so be on the lookout for it if you've never played before.

Death Stranding has received a Game Pass announcement of its very own because it's arrival on the service is a big deal. Not just because it's a huge game that's less than three years old, but because when it initially launched in 2019 it was a Sony-published PlayStation exclusive. A PC version of Death Stranding launched courtesy of 505 Games at a later date, and that will be the version you can play on PC Game Pass from August 23.

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