Death Stranding Will Support Ultrawide Resolutions On PC

Although it may have been met with mixed reviews, most of which were more negative than positive in the west, there’s no denying that Death Stranding was and still is an unreplicable experience. Brandishing an even more spectacular (and potentially easier-to-follow) playthrough of Kojima Productions’s intense narrative is its upcoming PC version, slated for release this coming June. Among a bevy of new features and added content, like Half-Life goodies, Death Stranding’s anticipated PC version will also support ultrawide viewing so players will never miss a single MULE caravan or BT lurking in the shadows.

Kojima explains it best in a recent Tweet: “The ultrawide support provides more horizontal perspective, giving more dynamic landscapes and world’s atmosphere experience. More info on the screen means you may be able to detect enemies for battle.” The ultrawide support will flesh out Death Stranding in both cutscenes and gameplay.

In addition to its ultra-wide monitor support, the PC version will also feature a brilliant photo mode, which will allow players to capture moments both surreal and terrifying. There might be a ton of things in Death Stranding that make absolutely no sense, but a camera mode is almost a must-have (and a missed opportunity for PS players).

Hideo Kojima continues to share tease after tease on his Twitter of the potential for his game’s forthcoming PC port. He even went so far as to reanimate a trailer in the guise of the recently released war film by Sam Mendes, 1917, once again proving of Kojima’s deep affection for film. With the PC version’s Photo Mode, players will be able to make similar – if not even more breathtaking – captures within the mind-numbing and captivating world of Death Stranding, viewed as it should be in ultrawide.

There’s definitely something to be said of the fact that Death Stranding fails as a triple-A title. Even so, it still walked away with 11 BAFTA Game Awards nominations and even granted Hideo Kojima a well-awarded BAFTA Fellowship, so there’s a precedence to the madness. The narrative and seeming mundanity of Death Stranding can definitely drive some players away, yet the inherent beauty of its underlying themes needs to be heard, especially in a time where viruses and politics have begun to drive the world even further apart.

Luckily, fans and newcomers alike can reexperience the strange yet thoughtful wonder of Death Stranding on PC come June 2. Ultrawide suits it.

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