Deathloop: Each Ending, Explained

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It wouldn’t be an Arkane game unless the ending had multiple choices and Deathloop is no different. After managing the Herculean task of clearing the loop for the first time, taking down the heads of the various groups, and evading the constant pressure of Juliana hunting you, your reward for these efforts is quite an interesting one.

There are multiple endings that are fairly unique, and whilst very short, they’re varied enough that you don’t feel too disappointed for getting them. Whether it’s your first time stepping into Colt's shoes, or just another Groundhog Day in the Loop for you, here’s everything you need to know about the endings of Deathloop.

How Many Endings Are There?

In Deathloop there are three endings in total. They’re tied to a simple choice at the end of the game that’s not difficult to mess up. To obtain them all you need to do is finish the game and then press or don’t press a button and maybe do a little bit of movement, it’s that simple.

There’s no real good or bad ending as it kind of falls down to your own personal outlook on life within a constantly refreshing loop. But there is one that’s been picked out by the community as the “best” since it’s the most positive and contains an extra mid-credits scene to rub those warm fuzzy feelings in just a little bit more. There are also no extra requirements, additional dialogue trees, or missed sidequests tied to the endings, so you can blitz right through the entire game how you like and then pick whichever one you want at the end.

*Deathloop Spoilers*

The Endings

Last chance for those not looking to get spoiled in the endings of Deathloop, for those that want to risk it or already know, feel free to continue reading.

At the end of the adventure, Colt and Juliana have a final confrontation where they discuss the loop and how it can only continue as long as they’re both alive. This leads them to come to a murder-suicide conclusion, with both of them standing a few feet apart, holding guns to each others head as Juliana slowly counts down from three.

How you handle this situation determines the ending, as well as the fate of the Loop, and all those left alive inside that haven’t been absolutely butchered in the chaos. Here’s each ending along with what you need to do to unlock them and what they could ultimately mean.

Break The Loop

To trigger the Break The Loop ending Colt needs to follow through on the original plan and kill Juliana and himself to end everything once and for all. Before Juliana can count down from three you need to shoot her. After she dies, Colt will be encouraged to throw himself off the top of the platform the two were facing off on. After plunging to his doom, instead of the Pearly Gates of the Afterlife, Colt awakes once again on the beach of Blackreef. But this time things are different.

The sky is awash with a sickly orange glow and standing over him is Juliana, alive once more but holding a grudge at Colt for ending the loop. She raises her pistol as if to fire, before walking away leaving Colt alone on the beach, but alive. His fate and that of everyone in the Loop after that is unknown, but it's assumed that they're all alive again but without their immortality and that with the frosty reception from Juliana, any attempt to repair their father-daughter relationship is gone right out the window. Especially after all the violent trauma on Julianas Psyche after being murdered by her dad for so many years. But at least death is now permanent, hooray…

Reset The Loop

The second ending that's unlockable resets the Loop entirely, putting everything back to square one and restoring the status quo. Choosing this option revives the Visionaries and you'll need to take them down all over again, as the events of the previous day no longer matter.

To unlock this ending, you need to once again shoot Juliana in the face before she finishes her countdown. However, instead of throwing yourself to your death, just sit down in the nearby chair instead and wait. Eventually, the day will begin to reset as the Loop goes back to how it once was as it sucks Colt back in. The cutscene that follows shows him awake on the beach once more, his previous actions erased, the Visionaries returned to life and the whole game restarting from square one again.

Spare Juliana And Reset The Loop

Last but not least is the more "happy" ending and one that's considered by many to be the best one despite it going contradictory to the plot of the game. The final ending involves neither Colt nor Juliana killing the other, instead they bury the proverbial hatchet and decide to build their relationship within the loop as father and daughter for the rest of time.

To get this ending, simply do nothing – Juliana will draw her gun like she's about to fire, but it's a ruse to force Colt's hand. After neither of them fire, they drop their arms and wait for the Loop to reset once more. However, this time around both Colt and Juliana seem elated and excited about their future together. With an eternity to party, murder, and do basically whatever they want, the two share a cute familial scene about mid-way through the credits.

It's a more positive ending, as both characters decide to remain in the anomaly like the others, using their superpowered abilities and skills to indulge in their heart's desire for eternity. Though it may be counterintuitive to the main through-point of the story, it's one that does make sense as they're the only two that retain their memory, they're no longer alone and have infinite time and lifespan to be together.

Which Ending Is Correct?

Since there are multiple endings there's always going to be the question about which one is the good or right one. With Deathloop there isn't really a proper answer for that outside of it being down to your own personal feelings on the whole time loop situation.

Whilst you could argue that breaking the loop is the "true" ending, since Colt is now free to leave the island despite the world looking like it's two steps away from an apocalypse, his new found freedom comes at a significant cost, the implied loss of the chance to build a relationship with the last remnant of his family. Plus as Juliana puts it, breaking the Loop lets out the Visionaries who are too dangerous, manipulative, unstable, and have way too much power to be let back into normal society without a significant bodycount behind them, with her argument being that maintaining the loop and keeping them inside it like an eternal prison is a better option for the world.

There's also the fact that remaining in the loop with Juliana alive, his only real reminder of his wife and implied sole living blood relative forever, with no threat of aging or dying is a more upbeat and happier end to Colts tale. Whether or not a commentary on not upsetting the status quo and being blissful in ignorance within a safe bubble, it's considered by many to be the "best" end to the story. It's all down to personal intereptation, but who wouldn't enjoy a consequence free eternity, after all?

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