Dedicated Valheim Fan Working To Recreate Fable 2’s Castle Fairfax

Valheim is a Viking-clad survival sandbox only available on PC, and Fable 2 is a classic fantasy romp rich with inspirations nicked from all over the genre, but it’s exclusive to Xbox. However, one fan has decided to bridge that gap by bringing Castle Fairfax to the game – it’s a sturdy, domineering sight.

The project is currently a work in progress, so it’s not entirely finished, but the creator has managed to get a large amount of the general shape done as well as keeping the identity and personality of Castle Fairfax in-tact, and what’s more, it’s nicely slotted on top of a mountain, giving it a more authentic feel.

The last update was eight hours ago, and a lot has been done since the first post, so it’s very likely on track to be finished sooner rather than later. The grandiose cathedral aesthetic and the cartoony tower-designs are all present, albeit with that Viking rustic feel, almost transforming Fable 2’s design into something more at home in Skyrim.

There’s been a lot of interesting recreations in Fable 2, from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame to the quaint blacksmith of Skyrim’s Riverwood, but there’s yet to be any full-scale replicas of any one game’s map. However, players are certainly dipping their toes in with these large-scale builds.

Perhaps the next step is all of Fable 2’s Albion, or all of Elder Scrolls’ Skyrim. Whatever the case, these builds certainly look resource-intensive, and a touch impractical all things considered, but who cares about practical when you can have Castle Fairfax as a landmark to call you home?

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