DeltaDNA and Earplay bring analytics to Amazon and Google voice-based apps and games

DeltaDNA and Earplay are bringing advanced analytics to Amazon and Google voice-based games and apps.

The integration of DeltaDNA’s analytics enables Earplay users to better optimize the player experience, boost engagement and drive in-content spending, with more tools and services set to roll out in the coming months. The idea is to enable a new economy of voice-based applications based on devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Edinburgh-based DeltaDNA is an analytics and player management company, while Earplay focuses on interactive audio publishing platform. With the partnership, DeltaDNA’s rich analytics and customer relationship management tools will be made available through the Earplay dashboard.

Earplay will bring users a build a detailed picture of how users engage with their content. Access to rich player data, via the DeltaDNA integration, means that content creators will now be able to better optimize the player experience, boost engagement and drive in-content spending.

Not since the smartphone has a tech device experienced such a rapid rate of adoption as the smart speaker. In just 12 months the number of smart speakers in U.S. households has surged by 119 million to 157 million, with one in four American’s now owning a smart speaker.

Audio content developers have a chance to create compelling experiences to meet this rapidly growing audience. DeltaDNA and Earplay will be rolling out a range of additional tools and services, as the use of advanced analytics becomes core to the development of engaging audio experience.

DeltaDNA’s analytics are used by companies such as Viacom, 505 Games, and Bandai Namco. Earplay’s content creation tools are used by Universal, Amazon Studios, USANetwork, Capstone, and Xandra.

Mark Robinson, CEO of DeltaDNA, said in an email, “The voice-activated content sector is an exciting market with huge growth potential and reminds me a lot of the early days of free-to-play mobile games when player engagement and retention was and still is absolutely everything. “Therefore, it goes without saying that we’re delighted to be partnering with the leading development engine in this sector, to provide Earplay users with analytics tools to help take their user experience to the next level.”

Jon Myers, CEO of Earplay, said in a statement that companies that build and maintain voice content require immediate and granular feedback on user behavior in order to succeed in the growing market.

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