Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Secrets Of Europa

Europa, the new patrol zone in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, holds many secrets beneath its frozen surface. If you’re on the path to completing the seal and earning the Splintered title or if you just want to know how to earn so extra loot, here are all the secrets we’ve been able to find around Europa.

Penguin Figurines

Penguin figurines are hidden all around Europa. They can be collected and placed in the building next door to Variks in Charon’s Crossing. Collecting the penguins is part of the Reuniting The Eventide Rookery triumph, which is necessary to earn the Splintered title. Finding all the penguins also rewards a lore book, five unique shaders, and a penguin figurine for your collection.

Only one penguin will appear on Europa each week, so you’ll have to wait nine weeks total to collect and place them all. You can read our full guide on finding the lost penguins here.

Dead Exos

Another collectible hidden throughout Europa, dead exos are part of the exotic quest to earn the new chainsaw-sword The Lament. Unlike the penguin figurines, all of the dead exos are already scattered across Europa waiting to be discovered. You can’t interact with them yet, unfortunately, but you can track them all down so that you’ll be ready when the quest for The Lament goes live later this week.

We found all nine dead exos, here’s our full guide to tracking down all the dead exos to unlock The Lament.

Entropic Shards

These hidden triangles are part of the Exo Stranger questline you need to complete to unlock your first Aspect. You can only destroy these nodes with Salvation’s Grip exotic grenade launcher. Once you complete The Drifter’s quest, you can find all nine of the Entropic Shards by following this guide.

Heroic/Master Lost Sectors

By completing all three of the Lost Sectors on Europa you will be given access to Heroic and Master Lost Sectors. The upgraded Lost Sectors rotate daily so you’ll have to check your map to see which ones are active. Complete either one solo has a chance to reward new exotic armor pieces. So far, this is the only way to earn this new gear.

Data Terminals And Smugglers Cache

There are a few different types of secret terminals scattered around Europa. Interacting with them will have a couple of different effects, but they all lead to a secret cache that rewards gear.

In Cadmus Ridge you’ll find certain computer terminals that are surrounded by a tall pillar of light. Interacting with these terminals will light up a second nearby terminal with a similar pillar of light. If you’re able to reach the next terminal and activate it with 30 seconds, the third and final terminal will be lit up. Activating the third terminal will give you a key that can be used to activate a chest next to one of the three terminals, usually the third one you activated. If you don’t see it there, just check the two previous terminals and you’ll find it.

In Asterion Abyss you’ll find a terminal that offers a hint to a nearby hidden cache. Activating the terminal will add a buff that will point you in the direction of a chest. For example, if the buff says “Core of the Crater,” simply head south to where the big Ice meteor has made a crater in the Asterion Abyss. Interact with the ice block and a smuggler’s cache will appear.

Riis-Reborn Key Codes

The Riis-Reborn Key Code is the beginning of a long-secret mission that will take you all around Europa to open a secret chest. It doesn’t seem to be linked to any particular triumph, nor does it reward unique or powerful gear, so it made not be worth the effort or time it takes to do this one.

Riis-Reborn keys drop from enemies called Technorunners in Eventide Ruins. Killing one of these yellow health bar enemies will give you a buff called Riis-Reborn Key Codes. You need to run into the Riis-Reborn all the way to Eramis’ room to find a terminal that you can interact with. Once you see the boss room from the platform above, drop down into the pit and the terminal will be right there, outside the boss room. If you get to the portal you’ve gone too far.

Activating the terminal will give you a new buff called Cadmus Ridge signal. Head to Cadmus Ridge and in the northeast corner of the zone, you’ll find a Vex data construct. Interact with it and you’ll be teleported to a floating area above Cadmus Ridge.

Up here you’ll need to find four circle plates and interact with them by using an emote. After activating the first one, shoot the vex keys in the air and then jump to the next. You’ll know where to go based on which floating triangle is lit up above you. Interact with all four circles by emoting on them with four different emotes and the chest will appear.

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