Destiny 2: How To Farm Gunsmith Materials

Gunsmith Materials are one of Destiny 2’s more common material types. Obtained from dismantling weapons and armor, Gunsmith Materials are required for purchasing most items from Banshee-44. Those that need Upgrade Modules or are looking for a True Prophecy will need thousands of this resource.

Fortunately, Gunsmith Materials are quite plentiful. You can obtain thousands of them just by playing Destiny 2, dismantling any gear you don’t find useful. With that said, there are a few tips and farms you can use to obtain Gunsmith Materials at an accelerated rate. Here is a complete guide on how to obtain and farm Gunsmith Materials in Destiny 2.

How To Obtain Gunsmith Materials

Gunsmith Materials are earned by dismantling weapons and armor that are Rare quality or higher. Rare gear dismantles into one Gunsmith Material, while Legendary and Exotic gear can be dismantled into three Gunsmith Materials. Because of this, the best Gunsmith Material farms involve obtaining as many Rare and Legendary items as possible within a short time span.

Weapon Telemetry

Weapon Telemetry is a currency type that functions identically to Gunsmith Materials. While you can’t use Weapon Telemetry to purchase Upgrade Modules or Masterwork components from Banshee-44, they can be used to obtain weapon packages from Banshee. If you’re farming Gunsmith Materials because you’re chasing a weapon in Banshee’s loot pool—True Prophecy, Truthteller, et cetera—consider equipping a Ghost Shell mod that grants Weapon Telemetry data. Turning in 100 Weapon Telemetry will grant a Gunsmith Engram.

Clean Out Your Vault

Before you decide to embark on any grind, clean out your Vault! Most players will store hundreds of Legendary weapons and armor pieces that never see the light of day. If you don’t plan on using any items stored in your Vault, consider deleting them to receive Gunsmith Materials and Legendary Shards. Dismantling 100 Legendary items will give you 300 Gunsmith Materials, which is enough to purchase three Engrams from Banshee-44. Clean out your Vault before you decide on farming for Gunsmith Materials.

Turn In Vanguard Tokens

Similar to your Vault, there’s a good chance you’re sitting on hundreds of Vanguard Tokens that you don’t plan on using. Now is the time to turn them in. Vanguard Engrams will always give a piece of Legendary gear for the cost of 20 Vanguard Tokens. Turning in 20 Tokens for three Gunsmith Materials might sound low, but those with thousands of tokens will be able to earn a few hundred Gunsmith Materials without having to set foot outside of the Tower. Unless you’re waiting for new Vanguard weapons to release in future seasons, there’s little reason to hoard your Vanguard Tokens. Turn them in!

Equip Ghost Shell Mods

There are two Ghost Shell mods you should use if you’re low on Gunsmith Materials:

  1. Banshee Special (5 Energy, Economic Mod): Generate gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon final blow at an increased rate.
  2. Prosperity (3 Energy, Activity Mod): [Activity] completions/wins have a chance to drop an additional piece of Legendary gear.

Weapon Telemetries are a great substitute for Gunsmith Materials if you only care about Banshee’s loot pool. Banshee’s Special will give your elemental weapons a low chance of spawning a Weapon Telemetry when you kill someone. Those that want to farm for a good weapon from Banshee without actively grinding should consider installing this mod.

Prosperity is a type of mod that grants a chance of additional Legendary gear whenever you complete a certain activity. The strike version only requires completions, the Crucible version requires wins, and the Gambit mod variant requires wins. You must have a Masterworked Ghost to equip any Prosperity mod.

Farm #1: Play Rumble Or Mayhem Matches

Valor Crucible playlists offer multiple Rares and Legendaries after each game. Since PvP games last around 5-10 minutes, you’ll be able to earn a solid number of Gunsmith Materials each hour by playing any PvP playlist.

To make this farm faster, play Rumble or, if it’s available, Mayhem. Rumble matches last around five to seven minutes and pit everyone against each other. Win or lose, you’ll be getting quite a few items after each match.

Mayhem is even faster than Rumble, giving everyone in the match near-instant Super regeneration. Most Mayhem games last around three to five minutes, making them perfect for farming end-of-match loot. If Mayhem isn’t active that week, stick to Rumble or any game mode that you prefer.

Another noteworthy aspect of farming PvP is how Valor works. You’ll be increasing your Valor rank with each game, eventually raising you by a subdivision or entire division tier. When this happens, you can speak to Lord Shaxx in the Tower to claim a Legendary Engram, giving you a Legendary item that you can dismantle for additional Gunsmith Materials. Reaching higher Valor ranks will also give you additional Prime Engrams and Masterwork materials, making this an excellent farm for PvE and PvP players alike. Stick on a Prosperity (Crucible) Ghost Shell mod for even more loot.

Farm #2: Thrall Hallway

If you can’t stand Destiny 2’s PvP but want to farm weapons from Banshee-44, equip the Banshee’s Special mod on your Ghost Shell. Load up the Shattered Throne dungeon, playing it as normal until you reach the Thrall hallway section.

This section spawns an infinite number of Thrall that will charge your position, making this one of the best kill farms in Destiny 2. Since kills can give you Weapon Telemetry now, every Thrall you kill has a chance of giving you materials needed to purchase an Engram from Banshee-44. A Masterworked Trinity Ghoul is the best weapon for this farm.

Run to a corner of the room, then repeatedly hip-fire your Trinity Ghoul at the floor to kill hordes of Shadow Thrall. Every few waves of Thrall will give you one or two Weapon Telemetries. While boring, this is a solid strategy for those that want an easy grind that doesn’t involve matchmade activities or difficult content.

Farm #3: Moon Catacombs Farm

PvE players that need Gunsmith Materials specifically, not Weapon Telemetries, can use this farm to get a Rare or Legendary item every 45 seconds. This farm is rather boring, so consider multi-tasking while you’re doing this.

From Sanctuary, head towards the Hall of Wisdom entrance at Archer’s Line (shown in the above picture). Once in the Hall of Wisdom, run straight ahead. You’ll enter the Circle of Bones. Run towards the other end of the Hellmouth, following the railing to your left for guidance. A Barrier Knight will be residing left of the Catacombs entrance. Kill this Barrier Knight with a Sword. It’ll drop a chest that always gives you a Rare.

You’ll now want to run into the Catacombs, sticking to the right side of the path. In the first room after the descending staircase will be a Barrier Knight to your right. Kill it, loot the chest, then run back up to the Catacombs entrance. The Knight you killed earlier should have respawned. Alternate between killing both of these Champions to receive a solid influx of Rare and Legendary gear.

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