Destiny 2: How to get Tommy’s Matchbook Exotic in Season of the Worthy

The Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2 goes live later today, and once the servers are back up after a period of scheduled downtime , Bungie will be introducing a new Exotic weapon.

Called Tommy’s Matchbook, this new exotic looks like the ol' gangster favourite Tommy Gun (hence the name, we suppose).

Though Bungie has been shy about releasing details regarding this new weapon, we do at least know how it's acquired.

“Tommy the Ghost presents us with a token of goodwill," reads the item's description. "Sure, it might just be a match, but all a Guardian needs to light up the darkness is a spark”.

Anyone who purchases the Season Pass will automatically unlock the weapon the second the season goes live later today – that is to say, the gun will immediately appear in your inventory.

For people that are enjoying Destiny 2 on the free version of the game, the gun will be unlocked once you arrive at rank 35 in the latest Season Pass.

Similarly to past seasons, the best way to level up your pass will be by completing activities, and turning in Weekly Bounties. These offer the best experience gains in the most efficient way of moving forward.

There will also no doubt be more seasonal activities to take part in, and goals to contribute towards – these will all help you chip away at the Season Pass and progress to rank 35, where you can get the gun for yourself.

We'll update you with more on the Exotic Weapon when we learn more about it.

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