Destiny 2 Patch Notes 2.8.0 – Pour One Out For Izanagi’s Burden

Season of the Worthy has arrived, and it brings a slew of balance changes for weapons and character classes, including a great big nerf for Izanagi’s Burden.

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s patch day for Destiny 2. This patch day is just a little bit special since it brings an entirely new season of Content to the game. Not only that, almost everything is getting a balance pass, from weapons to armor to class abilities.

We’ll start with one of the big losers for Season of the Worthy, which is Izanagi’s Burden. The Exotic sniper rifle became a top-tier weapon when Shadowkeep released last year. Buffs to sniper rifles at the time meant that Izanagi’s Burden hit especially hard and even made it a great boss killer. However, Season of the Worthy is rolling back those Shadowkeep changes, and Izanagi’s Burden is getting additional nerfs to limit its effectiveness.

Honed Edge, which allowed Burden to combine 4 bullets into one exceptionally potent shot, no longer benefits from reload speed perks. Additionally, Outlaw has been replaced by No Distractions, which further limits Izanagi’s usefulness.

When the changes were announced some weeks ago, players were up in arms even when some noted how Izanagi had warped the game’s toughest content. We’ll see what weapon rises to replace Izanagi in the coming days.

With the new season came a new balance pass on class abilities. Titans now have tougher barricades, but those barricades are now more vulnerable to weapons that fire special ammunition. Shoulder charge abilities now lunge a shorter distance and have less auto-targeting, while Burning Mail had its overall duration and effectiveness reduced.

For Hunters, Blade Barrage, Tripmine, and Weighted Knife have all been nerfed to some degree, while Way of the Pathfinder has been buffed significantly. Warlocks have had their melee range increased but their melee speed reduced, Handheld Supernova has been tweaked to be harder to use.

A number of different Exotics have either been changed or completely redesigned, so you might have some new favorites with Season of the Worthy. Check out the patch notes to see whether or not your favorite Exotic is a winner or loser this season.

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