Destiny 2 Season 14: Venus Destination Will Not Return With Vault of Glass, Bungie Confirms

Last year, Bungie announced that they would start rereleasing older Destiny 1 content from the Destiny Content Vault, starting with the Vault of Glass raid. This got players thinking that since the Vault of Glass raid is on Venus, maybe that means Venus will return as a playable destination in Destiny 2. Well, it looks like that’s not the case, and Venus is not returning in Destiny 2.

Bungie released a State of the Game update in February 2021, featuring its plans for Destiny 2, including The Witch Queen delay. In that blog-post, Joe Blackburn explained, “you should expect the raid team to have a few tricks up their sleeves when you tackle the depths of Venus this summer.” This further sparked interest from the community on whether or not we would return to Venus.

Earlier this month, Loïc Ralet, Community Manager at Bungie, replied to a tweet saying, “It is the Vault [of Glass raid] that returns, not Venus,” as reported by DestinyNews+. This confirms that while the raid still takes place on Venus, the whole destination won’t be making a return in Destiny 2’s season 14.

Vault of Glass was the first raid released in Destiny 1. With the release of the raid in Destiny 2, Bungie has confirmed that you should expect some changes. This isn’t the first time Bungie will edit older content and tailor it to Destiny 2, there will also be changes in the World First race for Vault of Glass, since this is a returning raid and players are already familiar with the raid mechanics.

Right now, Season of the Chosen is going strong with its final set of seasonal story content released last week. In April, Guardian Games will return with a new quest, armor sets, ornaments, and cosmetics.

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