Destiny 2: The Best Random Rolls For All Europa Weapons

Season of the Hunt is winding down, and that means it’s time to gear up for whatever’s coming in Destiny 2, Season 13. We don’t know quite what that might be yet, but whatever it is, you’ll likely want a full arsenal to tackle whatever challenges await.

Sunsetting means that some guns might no longer be viable in the coming season, but luckily, Variks has a selection of brand new weapons added in Beyond Light. And some of them are even worth getting! Many of the Europa weapons come with unique perks that can be extremely powerful and well worth the grind to obtain, and you should definitely be looking for them during the last few weeks of the season. But what are the god rolls for each Europa weapon? Here are the best possible rolls for each one.

Biting Winds

Without Archer’s Temp in the perk pool, it’s impossible to get Biting Winds down to an ideal 540 draw time, so prioritize either Polymer, Flexible, or Elastic String, and either Straight or Fiberglass Arrows to help make up for the lost accuracy.

In terms of perks, Killing Wind makes for an extremely long-ranged bow along with providing a handling and mobility boost, while Rapid Hit can let you grab arrows a little faster. In the second column, Explosive Head or Swashbuckler are your damage perks, but don’t overlook Sympathetic Arsenal. Since bows reload with every shot, Sympathetic Arsenal means all your weapons reload at the same time, and that can be a real boon.

Best Roll: Elastic String, Straight Fletching, Killing Wind, Explosive Head

Hailing Confusion

It may not look it, but Hailing Confusion feels basically the same as Bygones, and everyone loved Bygones. Your best barrel is easily Arrowhead Brake to tame this gun’s unwieldy recoil. Magazine is dealer’s choice between High-Caliber Rounds, Light Mag, Armor Piercing Rounds, Ricochet Rounds, Flared Magwell, or Appended Mag, depending on whether or not you want utility or extra reload speed.

In the first perk column, Outlaw is always great for getting quick reload speed, but now it’s joined by Surplus. Surplus can provide extra reload, handling, and stability at once, so long as you’re not playing a character that loves to spam abilities.

It’s hard to go wrong with Full Auto Trigger System in the second perk column, but Wellspring is so good that it’s hard to pick anything else here.

Best Roll: Arrowhead Brake, High-Caliber Rounds, Surplus, Wellspring

High Albedo

Once both Breachlight and Buzzard get sunset next season, High Albedo is probably going to be your best-in-slot kinetic sidearm, so best grab your god roll now. Smallbore and Hammer Forged Barrel can help with High Albedo’s limited range, but you can never go wrong with Corkscrew Rifling. Tactical Mag is always the best magazine on any gun where it’s available.

Your first perk can either be Killing Winds, Full Auto Trigger, or Surplus. Your second perk should be Wellspring, but feel free to take Demolitionist or High Impact Reserves if you just got to have a damage perk. Don’t overlook the incredible potency of Surplus plus Wellspring to both keep your abilities up and your gun’s stats high.

Best Roll: Smalbore, Tactical Mag, Surplus, Wellspring

Arctic Haze

Until they fix the Mida Mini-Tool, Arctic Haze is probably your best rapid-fire Solar Energy weapon. As usual, Arrowhead Brake is best for weapons with recoil issues, but if you don’t really care about a gun that likes to dance in your hands you can opt for Smallbore or Hammer-Forged Barrel to help the Haze’s relatively poor range. As always, Tactical Mag.

On the perk side, Subsistence is okay but not the best for high-level content. Outlaw or Killing Wind are more consistently favorable. Thresh is very interesting in the second column as it’s a unique perk that provides super energy with each kill. If you’re going to use Arctic Haze at all, you might as well get something special from it.

Best Roll: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag, Outlaw, Thresh

Coriolis Force

As with all Aggressive Frame Fusion Rifles, Coriolis Force needs help with its range. Everything you can do to help get its blast out further while controlling its recoil is going to make this gun feel better.

Extended Barrel will make drawing Coriolis Force a chore, but it’ll keep you on-target and in-range. Liquid Coils for the fast charge time is acceptable, otherwise Projection Fuse should be your battery. Killing Wind and Rangefinder are your perks–Killing Wind to help with poor handling and Rangefinder for extra range. Yes, this means we’re ignoring both Thresh and One For All, two absolutely amazing perks, but Aggressive Fusion Rifles are for killing majors, not random red bars.

Best Roll: Extended Barrel, Projection Fuse, Killing Wind, Rangefinder


Sadly, Bonechiller is no First In Last Out, but it’s not completely without its charms. Arrowhead Brake to tame Bonechiller’s recoil, Assault Mag to help with DPS, and Autoloading Holster are the usual suspects with all slug shotguns.

Things get interesting in the second perk column. Demolitionist is probably your best-in-slot here, but Opening Shot is always a fantastic perk on a shottie, especially slug-throwers. One For All can make you use a lot of ammo, but it’ll help you one-shot that major after you kill all its friends. Dragonfly turns Bonechiller into an up-close ad-clear machine.

Best Roll: Arrowhead Brake, Assault Mag, Autoloading Holster, Demolitionist

Thermal Erosion

The cool thing about Thermal Erosion is that you can roll it with Dragonfly in the second perk column, turning it into a Legendary and Solar Thunderlord. This turns Thermal Erosion into an ad-clear machine unlike any other, but don’t discount Wellspring for some ability-based builds.

Arrowhead Brake for stability control, High-Caliber Rounds for staggering majors, and either Field Prep or Quickdraw as your first perk, depending on whether you want better handling or more bullets.

Best Roll: Arrowhead Brake, High-Caliber Rounds, Field Prep, Dragonfly

Subzero Salvo

Chain Reaction is a new perk for explosive weapons and is a lot of fun. It causes enemies to explode similar to Dragonfly, but without the need for precision hits. Subzero Salvo also has a wide blast radius, so it can proc Chain Reaction multiple times at once. This can really stack the damage up against a boss surrounded by ads.

Another perk that Subzero Salvo can get is Ambitious Assassin, which lets you have two missiles in the magazine after you get your first kill. This truly puts Subzero Salvo in a category of its own. It’s not quite good enough to recommend rockets over other heavy weapons, but Subzero Salvo comes closer than all other Legendary Rockets before it.

Best Roll: Volatile Launch, Impact Casing, Ambitious Assassin, Chain Reaction

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