Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Gets A Stunning PS5 Gameplay Trailer

The PS5 showcase may be a distant memory now, but it was packed with surprises much like its predecessors. One reveal was Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition coming to the next-gen console, which received a polished trailer featuring gameplay from the PS5.

The new trailer opened with puddles – because showing realism in water is one of the PS5’s selling points – reflecting the bustling nightlife. Showcasing the fact that Vergil would be a playable character, the trailer continued into a smorgasbord of action-packed combat, rife with demons and mesmerizing special powers, thanks to PS5 GPU. Accompanied by a delightfully, emo backing track – titled Bury the Light by Casey Edwards – the trailer announced that the Special Edition would be available digitally with the PS5 launch.

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The higher frame rate unleashed a new lease of life for Devil May Cry 5, that got the adrenaline pumping just by watching it, let alone having to fend off hordes of demons yourself. Devil May Cry is a beloved classic that makes the launch of the PS5 even sweeter for those who are ready to welcome the brilliant, white monolith into their gaming altar.

Many dubbed Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition as their first game to christen the PS5, as the trailer flaunted the new edition’s ray tracing and enhanced effects. The frame rate also showcased Vergil’s swordsmanship in smooth sequence. Vergil, for those who aren’t diving into next-gen like Dante dives into demons, will be available to download via a paid DLC for PS4 and Xbox One users at a later date.

Accompanying the Special Edition for PS5 will be Turbo mode, as well as the Legendary Dark Knight difficulty option. Adding to the smoother frame rate will be the option to shift up a gear into 120 FPS mode, for players looking to perfect their skills. The PS5 variant will also include general visual and performance improvements, demanding a warm thank you to PS5’s effective horsepower.

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