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As the 90s nostalgia continues to ramp up across all generations, gamers everywhere are finding new ways to embrace their love for that 90s flavor. Whether you’re an older gamer reliving childhood memories or a youngster trying to experience tales from the past, now is the prime time to enjoy these franchises as publishers continue to cater to that nostalgia craze.

The recent release of Digimon Survive is one of the many games that are bringing the era back. This visual novel and tactical roleplaying game allow you to channel the fantasy of entering the digital space and becoming a Digimon champion. An added benefit to this journey is the joy of adding whichever Digimon you’d like to your repertoire of creatures, including but not limited to the nine famous rookies. Here’s how to recruit Palmon to your team.

How To Get Palmon

Unlike many monster-catching franchises, Digimon Survive tasks players with convincing the digital monsters to join their ranks rather than catching them through a direct fight – similar to the persona interrogation scenes of Persona 5. Although it is one of the rarer monsters, Palmon can be obtained two times during a typical playthrough. Once during Part 7 and another during Part 10 of their main story.

Getting Palmon – Part 7

Once you enter Part 7 of your playthrough and have only three moves left to use, head to the gym area and speak to Aoi. This will begin a comedic conversation between you, Aoi, Saki, and their partnering Digimon about a package of nuts. The specifics of the conversation are not important, but what is important is that Saki will gift you the remaining nuts. You can use these nuts to recruit Palmon.

Head to the Shrine location in the Forest area. To the right of Agumon is a patch of grass, investigate it, and dialogue will prompt with the famous Digimon. He’ll warn you to be careful, and you’ll decide to use your camera to scan the bushes, this will reveal an injured Palmon. You’ll be given three action options; select the option to give it nuts. It’ll gladly eat them and explain it has nothing to give in return, in which you and Agumon ask it to join you. Palmon will agree and join your party.

Getting Palmon – Part 10

Once you enter Part 10, you’ll want to head to Agumon to prompt the appropriate event. Once there, interact with the patch of grass to his left – like in Part 7. Three Digimon, Gomamon, Tentamon, and Palmon, will appear and then flee to the nearby Shrine. Head to the Woods by the Shrine to locate Palmon (you can head to the Spider Lily Forest and Shrine to encounter Gomamon and Tentamon respectively). Once you encounter it, the game will prompt you with an action choice. Select “Wave a white flag”, and this will prompt more dialogue between the two of you. Palmon will trust you and decide to join your group without a fight!

It is important to note that you are also able to encounter Palmon during Free Battles (the primary Digimon encounter mechanic) and that the two methods outlined above are guaranteed to provide you with Palmon if done correctly. If you decide to or must recruit Palmon via the Free Battles, ensure you choose the Talk option and input the following answers to the monster’s question.

Palmon's Questions / StatementsBest Answer to Provide
Whenever I meet a scary monster, I just start apologizing. Weird, right?You’re a nice 'mon.
Someday I'm gonna run this joint!Good to have goals.
What's the most important thing to you?My friends.
Why are leaves green?To make people calm.
What do you do for fun?Hide and seek.
I don't care how tough you are, I'm not gonna lose!I'm not gonna lose!
Have you ever told a lie?I don't want to say.

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