Digital Development Management acquires Digi-Capital’s game-data platform

Data is crucial to creating a viable business, but that’s a problem from any company working in video games. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to get reliable, accurate data about this specific market. To address that issue, game-consultation and talent agency Digital Development Management has acquired the industry-intelligence firm Digi-Capital’s game-data platform.

DDM did not provide disclose the terms of the acquisition. It did, however, explain what it hopes to accomplish with the insight that Digi-Capital created. DDM is launching the Games Investment Review platform. This service enables investors to get real-time reports on the value of various companies in the video games business.

“Combining this investment information platform with our worldwide team of business experts and our extended family of consulting executives provides DDM with an unparalleled ability to put knowledge and data to work for our clients,” DDM president Joe Minton said.

Investment in gaming has recently come to mean that Chinese megaconglomerate has acquired another studio. But with DDM’s data, more investors may begin to feel confident enough to put some capital into this space. Other companies have also realized the value of games-related intelligence, which is why Nielsen acquired SuperData in 2018.

For Digi-Capital, this is a passing of the baton.

“Over a decade of experience went into turning our Game Industry Data into a powerful tool,” Digi-Capital managing director Tim Merel said. “As our company began to focus on other markets over the last 5 years, we were looking for the right steward for what we had built to help companies looking to do business in games. Having known Joe and the team for a long time, we are very happy that DDM are the folks to take things to the next level.”

DDM business information director Peggy Twardowski will oversee the Games Investment Review platform going forward.

Digi-Capital still operates independently and is working in the VR and AR space.

Correction: This story originally said that DDM acquired Digi-Capital. That is not correct. It has only acquired Digi-Capital’s game-data product. I apologize for the error. 

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