Dinosaur Shooter Second Extinction Comes To Xbox Game Pass This April

The dinosaur-focused, cooperative first-person shooter, Second Extinction, will be making its way to Xbox Game Pass on April 28.

Yesterday’s [email protected] event showed off a bunch of new indie games coming to the system, but one of the more exciting announcements was that Second Extinction will be releasing through Xbox Game Pass.

It was previously announced that Second Extinction would be released through Xbox Game Preview, but this announcement confirms that it will also be available as part of Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Preview allows you to buy games in early access, so if you’re not a part of Game Pass you can still check the game out.

Second Extinction has you and two other players fighting against hordes of dinosaurs across big maps. The easiest comparison point is Left 4 Dead but with dinosaurs, but the actual game is more arena-based rather than having players progress through a campaign. Each of the four characters has different character abilities, and matches award XP to allow players to level up their weapons and loadout.

Matches work by having players select which mission they want to do, selecting a landing point, and then slaughtering dinosaurs to their heart’s content. Players can also choose to engage in side-missions that help level up their equipment further, or just stick to the chosen mission and area.

One unique element of the game is the “War Effort.” This metagame works by reducing the number of dinosaurs found across the game by completing certain missions and activities. This feature will also be present in the Xbox version of the game.

Reception for the game has largely been positive since its launch in early access. In our preview for Second Extinction, we said that it has a “strong foundation” but will get tiring fast if you want something more than shooting dinosaurs.

Alongside Second Extinction, Microsoft also revealed a ton of other titles coming to the system such as the action-RPG Nobody Saves The World, and the slice-of-life fishing RPG Moonglow City.

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