Dinosaur Survival Horror Game Crushes Kickstarter Goals In 20 Days

As with fellow dinosaur horror game Deathground, Loco Players’ Goner has crushed its Kickstarter goal in less than a month. The campaign has raised over $29,000 in 20 days, surpassing its initial goal in just 2 weeks.

According to its creators, Goner offers a new take on the survival/adventure genre by telling the story of a boy who travels to an unknown island and its mysterious jungle, following his missing mother’s research.

A first-person perspective survival-horror game that encourages self-sufficiency and exploration, Goner will give players the chance to discover the large island while facing the dangers that lurk beneath the surface — namely feral dinosaurs and the savage members of a lost civilization.

Players will be expected to gather materials, build a settlement, and craft tools needed for survival. The island will also offer safe spots, like caves or treetops, yet each move will have to be carefully calculated to ensure you survive another day.

The game offers two modes: survival and story. In survival mode, the goal is to simply survive for as long as possible, earning rewards and achievements that will boost your stats and skills in order to continue on your journey. In story mode, players begin the game with a defined mission: finding their missing mother and her crew.

Among the game’s features, players will find that predators are able to see you, hear you, and smell you. Therefore, even if you’re able to defend yourself, you may be better off running and hiding. Also, you can camouflage your scent by covering your body with mud. In terms of survival mechanics — along with crafting various shelters, tools, and traps — players can hunt, fish, and cook.

Finally, audio will be essential to your journey. Players must stay alert to the surrounding environment and become attuned to what may be hiding in the shadows. Goner is expected to be released in Steam Early Access in Q3 2021. The project is still open for 17 days on Kickstarter for further donations, with special rewards for backers.

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