Dislyte: How To Get And Use Starimon

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Espers are the real key to making great squads in Dislyte. These heroes can be levelled up, can have their abilities improved, and they can be equipped with powerful relics to increase their strengths even further. But despite Espers being the stars of the show, you shouldn’t underestimate the rest of the cast.

Because behind every great Esper is a team of Experimons, Abilimons, and Starimons. These spirits are used to gain experience and upgrade the abilities of your Espers, as well as gaining them new stars – and then even more levels and powers. Starimon are the most complex, but you can learn all about them below.

What Are Starimon?

Starimon are spirit energy beings that love music. Unlike Experimon and Abilimon, Starimon can gain experience in the usual ways – gaining growth by either being in your battle squads (played or auto) or by advancing them using Experimons. They only have a single attack, Pure Energy, which does damage based on their attack value.

Also, while they can be levelled up in terms of star value, you can’t advance them in other ways. There are no Resonance or Ascension upgrades available. And worse still, you can’t equip them with any relics. They’re never going to be killer additions to your squads. But that doesn’t mean you won’t want to level them up.

Types of Starimon

There are three types of Starimon that all work in the same way:

  • Rare Starimon: Three-star spirits that can be levelled right up to five-star in the same way as your Espers. Most start at level one, but some will start at level 30 – meaning you can immediately upgrade them to four stars.
  • Epic Starimon: Four-star Starimon that can be levelled up to five-star. These will either be level one when you get them, or very occasionally already at their max level of 40 – ready to be upgraded.
  • Legendary Starimon: These rare spirits start at five stars.

How Can I Get Starimon?

There are a variety of ways to collect Starimon. The simplest is via various shops. However, these mostly have either daily or weekly personal stock limits, depending on events and store types:

  • Gold Shop: Rare Starimon can be bought for gold, Dislyte’s basic currency.
  • Friendship Shop: Rare Starimon can be taken in exchange for Friendship points, which can be gained each day by claiming and giving gifts to your friends.
  • Tournament Shop: Both Epic and Legendary Starimon can be bought with currency claimed from winning PvP battles in the Point War.
  • Cube Shop: You can usually get unlimited Rare Starimon here, in exchange for basic cube points.
  • Club Shop: All levels of Starimon are potentially available in your Club Shop, depending on the level of your club. Rare Starimon will always be available, but Epic and Legendary require medium and high-level Clubs.

Starimon As Rewards

You can also gain Starimon from completing Bounties, Missions (Courses, Quests, and Achievements), Story rewards, Events and Trials – and of course, the (real cash shop) Plaza.

How Do I Use Starimon?

When an Esper (or Starimon) reaches its current level cap – based on its star rating –, you must sacrifice a certain number of other Espers or Starimon to raise that star cap. For example, a three-star can only reach level 30. But if you sacrifice three three-star Espers and Starimon (in any combination), you’ll make them a four-star – increasing their level cap to 40 at the same time.

You can do the same when you hit the four-star cap of level 40 (with four four-stars) and five-star cap at 50 (five five-stars). This is the only way to get your favourite Espers up to their maximum level of 60. The best Legendary Espers start at level one with five-stars, meaning even they will need five five-star (usually) Starimon to get them past level 50 to 60. So, you can see how important they are.

Instead, you can use unwanted Espers for levelling up. But these Espers can be saved and instead used to either Disassemble (for currency) or Resonate (to improve Esper stats).

Levelling Up Starimon: Hints And Tips

It is very easy to pick up Rare Starimon. But as they’re only three-star, you’ll soon have a lot more of them than you need – alongside a lack of the four and five-star Starimon that you really need. So, you’ll need to level-up your Starimon to the star level you need.

The best thing to do in this situation is to use your spare Stamina and level up your Rare Starimon via auto-battles. The type of auto battle that’s best for you is going to depend on your current circumstances:

  • Practice Battle Stages: This is the most common method. Not only do you get relatively quick XP for your Starimon, but you also earn plenty of Experimons, which you can use to speed up the levelling process even more.
  • Trials: Both Ritual and Sonic Miracle stages can also be used to level-up your Starimon effectively. This is a great idea if your Club Tasks require you to complete multiple relic or wave collection stages, particularly if they require lower levels.

Making a Starimon Team

Ideally, to maximise efficiency, you’ll want to send as many Starimon in your auto-battle squads as possible. But they’re not great fighters, so your best bet is to send at least one experienced Esper along as squad leader. This will allow your squad to win higher-level battles, giving greater XP – as well as giving them all the squad leader’s Captain ability. Remember, the Starimon will gain full XP even if they die during the fight – as long as your squad ultimately wins the battle.

If possible, send along your highest level Esper who also has a solid Captain ability. Also, concentrate on winning the battles rather than trying to keep the Starimon alive. So, you want a solo Esper who can deal a lot of fast damage – such as Li Ling or Chloe – or a strong pairing that complements each other (your best DPS alongside a healer, for example). A level 60 Li Ling with a strong set of Relics (War Machine and Fiery Incandescence work well here) for example, can solo most practice Story levels even on Hard Mode.

Which Espers Should I Level Up With Starimon?

There’s no limit to the number of Espers and Starimon you can have, so you don’t need to rush and use them for the sake of it. Be sure you’re going to use the Espers you level up, even if only temporarily (until you manage to roll better ones). For example, some Espers are worth levelling up and using through the story or may be particularly useful in certain Trial levels.

Check out our Esper Tier List for ideas on which Espers to level up.

In addition, consider Expedition Trials. These are other types of auto-battle that require you to send the right colour of esper at the right level to gain the maximum bonuses in either Relics, Waves, or other special currencies. You can have four Expeditions going at once – and they all need at least three Espers, often as high as level 50 or 60, in different colours. So, to fully maximise Expeditions, you’ll want to have at least four or five high-level Espers in every colour – even if you only use them for this purpose.

Finally, also consider the Espers you need to level up for Esper Fusion in the War Room. Again, you’ll need a variety of colours of Esper to be able to sacrifice them for some of the best squad members in the game – Fabrice, and in particular Gabrielle.

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