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From Dragon Knights with cute dragon companions to katana-wielding Slayers that can summon the dead to fight alongside them, DNF Duel has a long list of fascinating and powerful characters to choose from, almost guaranteeing that there is a fighter that fits your interests.

One of these characters, for example, could be the katana and SMG-wielding Hitman, who is one of the game's best All-Rounders and neutral king. While he won't dominate in any one area, he's more than competent at dealing with every situation, making him match well against most of the roster. Which, we guess, is to be expected for a Hitman.

Want to know what this katana and Uzi-wielding contract killer is all about before you take this guide head-on? Luckily for you, we have his complete Command List for you to check out here!

Hitman Overview

Being an All-Rounder character enables Hitman to hold his own in most situations, making him easy to pick and learn for newcomers and have tons of potential for anyone willing to push his kit to its limit. Hitman is strongest in neutral but relies heavily on his robust mixups and suffocating pressure. While he can struggle against pure Zoners, he has enough at his disposal to help overcome the matchup, even if it takes more effort and focus.

Overall, Hitman is an excellent character and one of DNF Duel's strongest. His Awakening Effect is one of the best in the game, making him one of the most vital late-round choices. Hitman has loads of options and tools to work with, making it challenging to match up against him unless you are a Zoner. He has a remarkable neutral game, has decent air options, and is a general nuisance from just about anywhere, which is why we recommend him for beginners.

With beginners in mind, we put together a table of all the common terms, notations, commands, and inputs found in DNF Duel below. If you are a newcomer to the genre or game, please take a moment and give it a quick lookover, as we will use them throughout the Hitman guide!

DNF Duel Notations

Command NameCommand Display
Standard AA
Standard BB
Mana SkillMS
Awakening SkillAS
Down Back1/⭩
Down Forward3/⭨
Up Back7/⭦
Up Forward9/⭧
Jump (j.)

Jump refers to any of the three 'up' commands.

Hold OKInput can be held for additional effects.
Air OKInput can be performed in mid-air, allowing you to execute the action while airborne.
OTGRefers to Off/On The Ground, signifying that the action can continue the combo even after your opponent hits the ground.

Hitman Special Moves

Despite having a Mini-Uzi, Hitman rarely uses it during his Special Moves (Skills) and opts to use his katana for quick and devastating strikes. Regardless of his weapon of choice, Hitman follows the same attack and combo philosophy as every other character in the game, meaning his attack strings will follow the 'Ascending Attack' pattern: A > B > S > MS (with minor exceptions). While it is possible to chain Skills into other Skills, you often use them as a bridge to Mana Skills, your most damaging and resource-heavy attacks.

Surprise Cut

Surprise Cut is Hitman's 5S and has him rapidly stab his katana in front of himself before ending the series of strikes with a swift slash and spray of bullets from his Uzi. This attack lasts quite a long time and covers a wide area, making it one of Hitman's best choices for pressure, creating frame traps, or combos. Suprise Cut can cancel into Agile Maneuver, Mighty Strike, or any of his Mana Skills.

Dead Lift

Hitman slashes his katana horizontally before swiftly delivering a slash upward to finish the attack. Dead Lift is an excellent combo extension tool, allowing Hitman to combo into Mighty Strike and Final Strike. Furthermore, Hitman can follow up his standard 2B with Dead Lift, giving him a safe hit confirm into a combo-starter option. Dead Lift can also cancel into Agile Maneuver, Mighty Strike, or any of his Mana Skills. This Skill is also his 2S action.

Agile Maneuver

Agile Maneuver is Hitman's 6S and general combo extender. While the move packs a punch, it's primarily used to cover ground to continue combos or strings. Hitman moves forward with a devastating slash from his katana and rapid fire of his Uzi. Agile Maneuver is often used to close combos out or cancel into any of Hitman's Mana Skills.

Mighty Strike

Mighty Strike is performed via 4S and has Hitman slam his katana downward with tremendous force, creating a shockwave on impact. This Skill hits OTG, making it an excellent option for extending combos. If used as an OTG, your follow-up will almost always be Sweep, leading to a full combo. Mighty Strike can also be canceled into any of Hitman's Mana Skills and is one of his best combo extenders in general.

Dead Six

Dead Six is your j.S and an excellent combo filler/extension option. This has Hitman swing his katana upward before following the same trajectory with an onslaught of bullets from his Uzi. Dead Six is often used for landing hit-confirms while mid-air but can also combo into his standard j.B or Helix Dive.

Hitman MP Special Moves

As touched on earlier, MP Special Moves (Mana Skills) are the most damaging and resource-heavy attacks at your disposal, making them your primary way to extend or end combos, attack strings, or blockstrings. Due to them requiring Mana to use, you will have to manage your Mana Guage throughout each round to avoid using more than what you have allotted. If you do this, you will temporarily become 'Exhausted,' meaning your Mana Regeneration will be delayed, and you cannot use any Mana Skills until it comes back online. This is a crucial system in DNF Duel that can make or break your odds of winning.

Final Strike

Hitman rapidly swings his katana, covering almost the entire screen length in front and behind himself. This is one of Hitman's best combo starters and neutral tools, making it worth the 50 MP. Furthermore, Final Strike will crumble anyone hit by it, allowing for even more combo potential and damage output. Final Strike is Hitman's 5MS action.

Bill Drill

Bill Drill is Hitman's invincible reversal and anti-air option that requires 70 MP to use. While only used to extend combos, catch opponents jumping in, or being overzealous on wake-up, Bill Drill becomes remarkably strong when paired with Shattering Strike. Though decent without Shattering Strike, it becomes nearly unavoidable or punishable with it, making it a must-use whenever in Awakened State.

Some of Hitman's Mana Skills can be executed via Motion Inputs that you commonly see in other fighting games. While the benefit of performing Motion Inputs isn't spectacular, it will have your Mana Regeneration activate instantly after using a Mana Skill. Bill Drill has a simple input and a Motion Input: 2MS or 623MS (⭢⭣⭨MS).


Caracole is another 70 MP Mana Skill and has Hitman skip his katana across the floor in front of himself with tremendous momentum, having it bounce into the air with a violent spin. Then, as the katana continues to spin in place, Hitman unloads a barrage of bullets into it from his Uzi, creating a vortex of chaos. This Mana Skill is often used to shred your opponent's Guard Gauge, extend combos, or temporarily lock your opponent into place.

Some of Hitman's Mana Skills can be executed via Motion Inputs that you commonly see in other fighting games. While the benefit of performing Motion Inputs isn't spectacular, it will have your Mana Regeneration activate instantly after using a Mana Skill. Caracole has a simple input and a Motion Input: 6MS or 236MS (⭣⭨⭢MS).


Sweep costs 50 MP to use and is Hitman's best combo ender. Hitman will swing his katana with a broad and violent slash in front of himself before following it up with a steady stream of rounds from his Uzi. There's not much to this Mana Skill other than to use it to end your attack strings or combos!

Some of Hitman's Mana Skills can be executed via Motion Inputs that you commonly see in other fighting games. While the benefit of performing Motion Inputs isn't spectacular, it will have your Mana Regeneration activate instantly after using a Mana Skill. Sweep has a simple input and a Motion Input: 4MS or 214MS (⭣⭩⭠MS).

Helix Dive

Helix Dive is Hitman's j.MS that requires 50 MP to execute and has him twirl through the air with wide slashes from his katana and a steady stream of bullets from his Uzi. Then, to close the attack out, he performs a plunging katana slam onto the ground with such force that he creates a small shockwave. Helix Dive is often used to extend combos as it places his opponent in a hard knockdown state on hit. Can be followed up with an OTG Mighty Strike or a standard 2B or Dead Lift if they're in the corner.

Shattering Strike

Shattering Strike only becomes available to Hitman during his Awakened State due to his Awakening Effect, Battle Command. This allows Hitman to summon ghostly figures around himself during his Mana Skills, enabling easy juggles and combos. To use Shattering Strike, you will need 10 MP and input 5MS after using any Mana Skill. If Shattering Strike hits grounded opponents, they will crumple to the ground, allowing Hitman to follow up with several options for combos. This is one of the best Awakening Skills in the game and makes Hitman a tremendously strong character.

Hitman Awakening Skill And Effect

Lastly, we have one of the most crucial systems to cover in DNF Duel: the game's Awakened State mechanic. Entering an Awakened State occurs once your health reaches 30 percent remaining or less, granting you access to your Awakening Skill and Effect. Your Awakening Skill is an ultra-damaging and cinematic Special Ability, and your Awakening Effect is a buff that gives you one or many enhancements to help you out in the closing moments of the round.

Dusk Wing is Hitman's Awakening Skill, which has him thrust his katana forward with incredible force and power, covering the entire length of the screen. Thanks to Dusk Wing's excellent horizontal coverage, Hitman can weave it into juggles, combos, or pokes.

Battle Command is Hitman's Awakening Effect, which allows him to use Shattering Strike after performing any of his Mana Skills. For more information on Shattering Strike, we covered it in the section above!

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