Doom Now Runs On A Lego Brick, Sort Of

One enterprising modder has taken the 'Can it run Doom' tradition to new heights, or should that rather be, to new smalls? James Brown, creator of a Lego brick gaming monitor (and not the late great creator of funk), has uploaded a video of themselves playing Doom on his special Lego brick (Via PCGamesN).

What it is is an incredibly small OLED gaming monitor fitted into a Lego brick. Brown then played Doom on it, but from the looks of things it is far from the best experience. The modder admitted as much, saying that it is "not very playable". This is due to the specs of the tiny screen.

The panel only has a 72×40 resolution, which is less than 3,000 pixels, and can only display monochrome. To get the screen to properly display Doom the image has to have "adaptive histogram equalisation to flatten the dynamic range, adds some noise, and thresholds it", according to Brown.

Over the years, people have run Doom on all sorts of things. From household appliances such as toasters and fridges. to unique inputs for the game, such as controlling your character via a rotary phone. Others have put Minecraft into the sequel and there's no shortage of wild things people have done to this classic FPS.

John Romero's innovative shooter has proven to be one of the most robust creations in video games, able to be played on all sorts of devices, ported endlessly, and modded to limitless varieties.

The 'can it run Doom' tradition will continue and one commentor on Brown's Twitter post said: "have you considered putting something like this in a Mechanical Keyboard Keycap? Be harder to power than the brick but I think it could look incredible".

Brown then responded that it's something he's working on. So look out for Doom running on some mechanical keycaps in the near future.

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