Dragon Age Inquisition: How To Romance Harding

Like both Dragon Age games before it, Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a variety of NPC characters that you can romance, but ultimately, you can only pursue one romantic relationship to its conclusion in a single playthrough. In doing so, you will unlock the “Beloved and Precious” achievement/trophy.

However, there is one romance that does not unlock this accolade and that is because it is a secret pseudo romance that only happens if you fulfill certain requirements and is only actually confirmed in the paid-for Trespasser DLC. The character in question is Harding, the fan-favorite scout of the Inquisition. Here’s everything you need to know about romancing Harding.

Romancing Scout Harding

Scout Harding is a minor character that can be found outside of the Herald’s Rest Tavern in Skyhold, as well as appearing to greet you any time you first visit a new area. Ensure that you speak to her whenever possible and exhaust every dialogue option, making sure that you choose the most flirtatious options.

Flirtatious Dialogue Options:

As previously mentioned, when you first enter a new area, you will be able to speak with Scout Harding. Your first few meetings will not give you any options to flirt, but eventually, you’ll be able to start wooing Harding. Be sure to choose the following dialogue options (indicated with a heart):

  • Crestwood: “We never meet anywhere nice.”
  • Western Approach: “It’s sweet of you to worry.”
  • Exalted Plains: “All this talk ruins the mood.”
  • Emerald Graves: “I do like these little chats.”
  • Emprise du Lion: “You look cold.”
  • The Hissing Wastes: “Nothing valuable? You’re here!”

Adorably, after flirting with Harding for some time out in the world, you can speak to her in Skyhold and she will ask you whether the “playful banter” between the two of you is “just fun”. Make sure you choose the “I like you.” option.

At the end of this particular conversation with Harding, she will reveal her first name to you and say you can call her by that — Lace. (She explains her mother was a seamstress, hence the name.)

While you can flirt with other romanceable characters and Harding at the same time, if you progress too far in a relationship with someone else, you will not end up with Harding. To be on the safe side, we recommend not flirting with anyone else.

Romance Confirmation

The romance with Harding never goes any further in the base game and she won’t offer up any additional flirting. However, as long as you have flirted with Harding at every available opportunity and not entered into a proper relationship with anyone else, your relationship will be confirmed during a cutscene in the Trespasser DLC.

In a conversation with Vivienne, she will say “I hope you finally took that adorable scout somewhere nice”. Answering “yes” will continue the conversation and Vivienne will say that she doesn’t want you to “break the poor girl’s heart” as there would be a “reprisal”. If you respond with “no”, Vivienne will warn you not to “toy with” Harding.

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