Dream of becoming the next Lewis Hamilton? This PlayStation, Xbox gadget is for you

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F1 has returned from its summer break with the 2022 season set to continue in Belgium this weekend. And if you’ve ever found yourself day dreaming watching the F1 wishing you could line-up on the grid next to the likes of Sir Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen there’s one gadget you may want to add to your game room. Thrustmaster have long been one of the go-to choices if you’re looking for a racing wheel, with the gaming accessory specialist boasting decades worth of experience.

Thrustmaser has plenty of options for different budgets, but if you really want as authentic an F1 experience as possible in your own home there’s one eye-catching option.

The Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000 wheel add-on is a stunning piece of kit that looks just like the wheels you see during onboard shots in a Grand Prix.

Complete with a variety of buttons, paddles on the rear and a display which offers a wealth of information like the gear you’re in, speed and more this impressive bit of kit is likely as close as you’ll get to being behind the wheel of an F1 car.

Besides helping it feel more authentic when you play games such as EA and Codemasters’ recent F1 22 it will also help improve your driving skills.

With people managing to graduate from playing games in their living room to actually becoming professional racers, this kit could be the beginning of your journey to becoming a racing driver.

However, it will end up costing you. The Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000 wheel add-on is, as the name suggests, an extra add-on.

You’ll still need a wheel base may want to invest in a pair of pedals, which all are sold separately.

The Thrustmaster Ferrari wheel add-on is £349.99, but you’ll also need a compatible wheel base with prices for these devices beginning from £229.99 on the official Thrustmaster website.

Plus, if you want pedals that will cost you extra – with compatible pedals for the £229.99 wheel base beginning from £119.99.

It all adds up and if you’re not used to premium racing wheels you’ll want to be 100 percent sure the peripherals you’re thinking of buying are compatible with one another.

Also, wheel bases will only be compatible with certain platforms so be sure the kit you’re after will work with your console or PC.

If you have the budget though, space in your game room and are happy spending the time setting it all up these premium Thrustmaster accessories will help change the way you view and play racing games entirely.

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