DUSK’s Switch Port Has Been Delayed Past Halloween

The absolutely magnificent DUSK from New Blood Interactive will be coming to Switch soon…just not within the month of October. Previously announced as hitting Nintendo’s hybrid platform on Halloween, DUSK has sadly been hit with a delay that will knock it out of the scariest month of the year.

New Blood founder/shit poster Dave Oshry broke the news on Twitter and revealed that the reason for the setback is down to certification issues on the Nintendo eShop. While not going into extreme detail, it seems something came up during the certification process that is holding up the release. The game is most definitely still coming to the platform, but we’re going to need to be patient for the time being.

At least we have some more information to dig into. All of the improvements made to DUSK on Switch will be getting retrofitted into the PC version of DUSK. I had spoken with Oshry and David Szymanski (DUSK’s director/creator) earlier in the work and learned that this new version will be running on its own engine. This is what has been holding up the port, though it means any future updates to DUSK will go a lot smoother.

We also now know that Limited Run Games will be creating a physical version of DUSK for Switch. There aren’t any more details about that, but a post from early 2019 by Oshry laid out some plans for a collector’s edition that may actually come to fruition. We may yet have our bacon-scented bars of soap.

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