Dying Light 2 – How To Unlock The Grappling Hook

One of the biggest surprises of the original Dying Light was the grappling hook, and it thankfully returns in Dying Light 2, although much later in this game than it did in the last.

Although the original game gave you the grappling hook pretty early into the story, Dying Light 2 is a little more secretive about it, only giving you access to it in the final stretch of the campaign. Here's when you get it.

How To Unlock The Grappling Hook In Dying Light 2

The grappling hook appears part way through the "Broadcast" mission, which is one of the last few missions in the game. That means you're going to need to play through at least 15 hours of the game first. Broadcast is also the longest mission in the game, tasking you with exploring an abandoned radio tower.

The main mission is to take control of it, but at a certain point you're going to be overrun with zombies and struggle to find a way out. You'll then be told by Matt Frank that there is still some equipment left in the elevator above you. Simply follow the objective marker to the elevator to find the grappling hook. The rest of the mission will then revolve around using the grappling hook to get around the tower and reach the top of it. Once you've finished the mission, you'll be able to use the grappling hook whenever you want.

The grappling hook takes up your secondary item, which would have previously belonged to decoys, coins, or the UV flashlight. The grappling hook works very similarly to how it did in the original game – simply throw it out at any platform to create a swinging point. It's a little less useful than it was in the original game thanks to the expanded moveset, but it's a great help for certain missions. You can also visit a Craftmaster to upgrade the grappling hook to add some velocity to your swings.

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