Dying Light 2: How To Unlock The Hoverboard

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You can release your inner Marty McFly with Dying Light 2’s hoverboard Easter Egg, and with a little trick, you can even keep this futuristic transportation device. It’s not as useful as the flying broomstick you can unlock, but it’s still a fun tool to use.

For those of you who don’t know, in principle, hoverboards work similarly to regular skateboards, but they float above the ground level and need momentum by the rider. The hoverboard in Dying Light 2 works the same.

How To Find The Hoverboard

Just like most other Easter Eggs in the game, the hoverboard requires you to reach the Central Loop district of Villedor, where Dying Light 2 takes place. Once you finish the main quest named “Let’s Waltz” you’ll unlock the rest of the map. The next thing you need to do is find the Church of Saint Thomas Apostle in the Saint Paul Island area, which is located on the far eastern side of Villedor.

To activate the challenge, you need to connect the power cables to the related power boxes which are located in the church. They’re easy to find and numbers on each box indicate which cable should go where. After powering up the church, climb the tower and find the room with a radio inside.

You can reach this room without powering up the building, but the radio won’t work without juice.

Activate the radio and listen to Fatin and Tolga, the infamous genius brothers from the first Dying Light game. They’ll eventually stop talking, and a colorful hoverboard will appear inside the radio room. Interacting with the hoverboard will make it disappear after a little lightning show. This won’t immediately unlock the hoverboard challenge, though, as you’ll need to repeat this process twice more.

How To Activate The Hoverboard Challenge

Don’t leave the radio room just yet, activate your survivor sense and find the red footsteps, then simply follow them. The footsteps will lead you to the next hoverboard, which is located at a bridge on the Muddy Grounds region. The hoverboard will be on the right side of the bridge if you turn your face toward westward.

You’re not done just yet, but luckily, the next hoverboard you find will unlock the challenge, and you’ll be able to ride the futuristic hoverboard. The final hoverboard is also located in the Muddy Grounds district, nearby where the Garrison, New Dawn Park, and Muddy Grounds districts connect in a blue car.

The hoverboard is hidden inside the luggage compartment in the car. Simply, open the compartment and interact with the hoverboard to start the parkour challenge.

How To Keep The Hoverboard

Under normal circumstances, the hoverboard can only be used in this parkour challenge, but with a little trick, you can keep this fancy tool. However, do this trick at your own risk as this may break your game since you’re doing something that’s not intended.

Just make sure you have room in your accessory slot before you start the challenge. Wait for the timer to pop up and then simply pause the game and quit to the main menu. Then start the game back up and the hoverboard will be added to your inventory.

The hoverboard is named “Great Scott”, another reference to Back to The Future, specifically to the mad scientist Dr. Emmett Brown, and the description of the hoverboard reads “some type of plank from the future”.

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