Dying Light Devs Answer TheGamer’s Biggest Lingering Questions

Dying Light 2's world director Thomas Gerbaud has answered some of our biggest lingering questions to do with the game, including whether Crane might have survived, whether Aiden gives into the infection, and what the canonical ending is.

Following the release of Dying Light 2, TheGamer published a list of the biggest questions we had after finishing the game, touching upon all the plot threads that were left ambiguous. Techland saw that video and now we can exclusively reveal the latest episode of At The Fish Eye, where Dying Light 2's world director Thomas Gerbaud has taken the time to answer each of those questions for us.

The episode of At The Fish Eye has Nikolas, the bartender, asking Gerbaud the same questions we had following the game's ending. To start with, Gerbaud reveals that the canonical ending to the game is completely up to the player's interpretation, and what their version of Aiden would have considered to be his priority. To the point of whether the ending actually matters, Gerbaud says that it does, noting that Kyle Crane's story ended up having a big impact on the world, and that Aiden's likely will too.

Speaking of Kyle Crane, Gerbaud also answers a very popular fan question – did Crane survive the events of the first game? Sadly, Gerbaud seems uncertain and says that "we simply don't know". At least there's still some hope of his survival out there. Players asked a similar question about Dying Light 2's protagonist, Aiden, and whether he succumbed to his infection, which Gerbaud is similarly cagey on, calling his future "unwritten" and noting that he left the city because of how much his inhibitor changed him.

You can see what Gerbaud thinks about the whereabouts of the necklace containing a cure from Banshee: I Am The Cure, whether Waltz was truly evil, if there are any remaining cities in the world, and what became of the GRE by watching the full episode of At The Fish Eye now.

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