EA servers down: Apex Legends Code 100 and FIFA 20 unable to connect

EA servers are down today, affecting several big games, including Apex Legends, FIFA 20 and Battlefield 5.

There have been a number of similar outages this week, and this appears to be the latest affecting gamers on PS4, Xbox One and Origin platforms.

EA Help services on Twitter have yet to share news on this latest problem, or how long it might last.

However, based on earlier issues this week, these latest servers issues could impact game time over the coming hour.

One message from an affect gamer reads: “EA servers down in Canada AGAIN. Third time this week. I am not impressed.”

Another adds: “Down in Florida. Here we go again. This is becoming a daily occurrence. What’s the excuse this time?”

It currently unclear what might have caused today’s EA server outage or how long it might last across platforms.

For now, it appears that Apex Legends players are seeing Code 100 error message on the Origin platform, while FIFA 20 gamers are being told they are unable to connect.


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