EA Servers down: LizardSquad ‘hack’ takes down FIFA 20, Apex Legends and Origin

Not for the first time this year EA Games servers are having a massive wobble and at the time of writing it appears to be impacting fan favourite games such as FIFA 20, Apex Legends and more.

It's also having an adverse effect on Origin, the online service Electronic Arts use for their games on PC.

Independent outage monitoring website, 'Down Detector' is showing huge spikes of reports in the past 30 minutes for the many EA games and services, which would indicate problems.

These reports appear to be coming from users across the world with most complaining of the games being offline or not working.

Based on the outage stats provided by 'Down Detector', over 2000 reports are being flagged for connection errors with EA games.

Which likely means many thousands more are impacted.

At the time of writing EA's own support account on Twitter – @EAHelp – is yet to explain what this issue is.

In a tweet it did suggest that the problems are being looked into, writing:

"We're looking into issues with our websites, games, and services. We'll be back with updates as we have them."

More recently the FIFA Direct Communication account posted further confirmations of the problems, writing: “We are aware of the complaints around connecting to EA servers and are actively investigating. Match creation has been temporarily disabled to prevent disconnects during this time.”

But as of the time of our last update, at 5.58pm gmt, EA's website is still not working, and only showing a message which reads 'someone call tech support'.

As you can imagine, this news has gone down really well with the perfectly reasonable player base from all of the many EA games available.

Only joking. People are uncontrollably angry and passive aggressive.

"Wow, EA servers are down again?! No one could've seen that coming" one player comments

Whilst another added " EA servers down every single week at this point."

Some players are suggesting that the service might not actually be down, but rather, that a hacker group, known as lizard squad, might be behind the outage.

Why? Apparently as some sort of retaliation for EA's recent decision to ban prominent FIFA Streamer Kurt0411. Someone who had recently been posting abusive and threatening messages to and about EA staff.

In response, EA said.

"His messages have crossed a line of decency into very personal attacks and breach Terms of Service," EA said in a statement.

Of course, at the moment there's no precise telling why the service is down, but the twitter account for this shady group has tweeted in the last hour:

"Offline till you #FreeKurt my G!" along with a quote tweet from the FIFA Direct Communication twitter account. (Seen below)

More to follow.

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