Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Will Have You Murder Voxel Alien Bugs In May

After jealousy waiting for the past four months, Earth Defense Force publisher D3 is finally going to release their latest EDF game in North America. Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will hit the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC via Steam on May 27.

Unlike previous games in the series, Earth Defense Force: World Brothers eschews realistic graphics in favor of voxel destruction. Blowing the heads off giant ants is just as satisfying when they turn into a bajillion cubes, but even more satisfying when buildings do the same thing.

World Brothers follows the usual plot of Earth Defense Force game–aliens are invading and the Earth Defense Force has to stop them. But in World Brothers, the Earth is a giant cube that has been shattered into floating cities. Not only does the Earth Defense Force have to defend against onrushing alien insects, but they also have to figure out a way of bringing the world back together.

There are 100 unlockable characters in World Brothers and each has its own unique style. One is a cowboy, another is a ninja, a third is a housemaid, and then there’s an Egyptian Pharaoh. The game is up to four-player co-op, although solo players can swap between each of their four team members at the press of a button.

World Brothers has been out in Japan on Switch and PS4 since December, so we’re pretty sure we know what we’re up against here. Even if you haven’t seen Japanese gameplay, a November trailer showed off various character abilities, which range from giant laser blasts to Macross-style homing missile clouds. One guy even launches a nuke.

Not only will the worldwide release be for Switch and PS4, but D3 is also bringing World Brothers to PC via Steam on May 27. Also, there’s definitely a Godzilla look-alike in this game.

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