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Lode Golem is the second boss you’ll battle in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. This big chunk of stones can be quite menacing, throwing its arms and making rocks fall from the top.

Located deep in the Quarry, this boss fight will arrive after exploring the dungeon a couple of times and interacting with Mellore more than once. It will be part of the main story and needed to progress through your main quests, so don’t worry about missing it. Let’s go over everything you need to know on how to beat Lode Golem.

Lode Golem Overview

Teased on the previous main mission, you’ll face Lode Golem during your time in the Main Quest 8: Defeat the Lode Golem! — a mysterious title, right?

First of all, you’ll have to enter the Quarry. As you do, a brief chat with Garoo will take place. Then, you’ll have to repeat the same path you did the first time you met Mellore, the magic girl that threw an attack at you.

There will be a new Signpost here and some NPCs in the background. Go right and up, taking care of gargoyles and rock slimes in the way. There will be a boulder that you can break with Garoo. Then, when you reach a blocked path on the right, it’s time to climb.

At the fork, don’t go left, it’s a blocked path. If you go right, there’ll be some enemy waves. Beat all of them and keep moving forward until you find an open path below. Reach the floor level, where the waterfall ends, and then move right. There will be a new Signpost and chest, containing a Healing Potion Lv. 2. After the checkpoint, Lode Golem will appear.

How To Defeat Lode Golem

This creature is composed of big rocks and will use them to attack. For example, he can throw one of its arms at you. This will be one of your best chances to counterattack since you can reflect the whole arm with a basic attack of Garoo.

It will charge this attack for a few seconds and always use the same pose, so you can learn when to predict it.

The first time you do this, the boss will expose its core. This is the perfect occasion to give it all you have, especially using Link Attacks. However, keep an eye on Lode Golem’s recovery since he will make rocks fall from above.

For more info on Link Attacks, please visit our guide.

Lode Golem’s armor will now be harder, requiring more than one reflection to expose its core. Also, you need to pay attention to more attacks now, like its slam to the floor with one arm, or the rocks falling from the top while it is walking towards you.

You can (and you should) reflect these stones before they reach the floor. Don’t forget to use Garoo for this.

One last attack that you need to look after is its big slam to the floor with both arms. This attack is easy to predict because the boss will charge for a few seconds while being in a new position. This is the slowest but also more powerful attack Lode Golem has, so be careful. It’s better to run to the opposite site of where it blows, as trying to use CJ’s Quick Step or Garoo’s Parry will be hard and tricky.

When defeated, the Lode Golem will drop a Raw Lens and you’ll have completed the current main quest.

How To Farm Giant Stones

Although you can pay a visit to Lode Golem every time you want after beating it the first time, you’ll be tasked to do so during the Main Quest 12: Bandit Busting. A new NPC will arrive at New Nevaeh asking for your help.

On the Plaza, you will find an old man named Jashan, at the right of the entrance of Outlander Lane (where the boy Avan usually is). Jashan will ask you to go to the Rune Quarter, near Outlander Lane. Now you can go to the far right of this area, right of where NPC Rajiv is, unlocking this new zone, useful for your magic and rune needs.

Jashan will ask you for a Giant Stone, which is the type of Stone dropped by the Lode Golem stone. His Shop Quest Care to Try my Resource Bag? tasks you to fight the boss, again.

The fight will be almost the same but a bit harder, as now Lode Golem is level 20. It will do the same attacks, but dealing more damage and also having more health.

Completing this Shop Quest will get the Bagmaker building open, in which you can buy a Resource Bag Lv. 2. This lets you save more resources while exploring dungeons.

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