Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – How To Unlock The Armor Shop

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The Armor Shop is an essential building in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. You’ll be tasked with the construction of this store right after completing the Weapon Shop. It will be available on Outlander Lane, a few steps away from the aforementioned building.

This shop will let you increase the defensive features of your equipment while also granting you new abilities. Let’s discover how to build the Armor Shop, what upgrades it allows for, and how to get them.

How To Build The Armor Shop

While progressing through Main Quest 6: Trouble in the Quarry, you’ll unlock the Weapon Shop. After doing so, your partner Garoo will tell you that you now need a place to improve your armor. The game will show you a new character around Outlander Lane, and you need to visit them.

This NPC is called Frida, and she wants to open the town’s Armor Shop. However, before doing that, she will ask you to gather some paints, which are located in a hidden stash under the caves of the Great Forest.

This will be a Shop Quest (An Armorer With an Eye for Fashion) with its own stamp as a reward, but it will also be part of your primary mission.

First, you need to go to the forest entrance. From here, you can use the Signpost and fast travel directly to the Cave Signpost or start your journey from the very beginning, going to the right until you reach this checkpoint.

Once inside the cave, you need to find the Signpost and descend on the path on the left. Then move all the way to the right and you’ll enter a new zone. Here will be a new checkpoint, but also something Frida didn’t tell you: a ferocious creature called Hellhound.

To read a complete guide on this boss fight, please visit here.

After defeating the big wolf, move a few steps to the right and you’ll find a chest. It will contain the paints Frida asked you about, so you only need to return to her place now.

She will open the Armor shop after delivering the paints.

The Armor Shop Items

Upgrading a piece of armor will grant you better defense stats but also a new ability with your character. You can check the first available upgrades in the following table.

Upgrade NameEffectResources Needed
Hunter Suit +
  • Physical Defense Power +7
  • Magic Defense Power +7
  • Unlocks double jump
  • 1 Crystal
  • 500 baqua
Mercenary Armor +
  • Physical Defense Power +10
  • Magic Defense Power +3
  • Unlocks parry
  • 1 Crystal
  • 500 baqua

CJ uses the Hunter Suit and Garoo the Mercenary Armor.

How To Level Up The Armor Shop

Such as you did with the Weapon Shop, you can upgrade the Armor Shop by completing Shop Quests. Frida will have one for you during Main Quest 11, called Making Up With Tatara.

This quest doesn’t appear on the Bulletin Board.

Speak with the NPC and she’ll tell you that she had an argument with Tatara. You need to go and speak with him where he always is, in his Smithy in Outlander Lane — some steps to the left from where Frida is.

When speaking with Tatara, he’ll say he wasn’t angry and he’ll give you a knuckle duster. You have to send this to Frida, who will be very happy with the gift.

Now the Armor Shop will be Level 2 and you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment to Hunter Suit ++ and Mercenary Armor ++.

Completing this Shop Quest will also level up the Smithy.

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