Elden Ring: Every Legendary Spell And Where To Find Them

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  • Where To Find Stars Of Ruin

There are hundreds of spells you can call upon as you journey through the Lands Between in Elden Ring, and you’re going to need to find them for yourself before you can use them. All are significantly powerful spells that deal massive damage to enemies, but come with an equally huge FP cost.

You’ll need to put tremendous capital into raising your stats to be able to use these spells. As such, you likely won’t be able to wield all of them in a single playthrough, unless you put endless hours into grinding runes. Thankfully, simply acquiring the spells is enough to complete the achievement and put you on course for 100% completion, so here’s where to look.

Where To Find Comet Azur

RequirementsFP CostSlots Required
Intelligence 60403

One of the relatively easier spells to acquire, Comet Azur is a Legendary Sorcery that can be found in the surrounding area of Mt. Gelmir, as you’re heading up towards Volcano Manor. There’s a lot of strong enemies here, and a powerful boss, but this is one of the spells you can speedrun.

From the Craftsman’s Shack Site of Grace, follow the slope through the Hermit Village. Hug the left wall up the rocky outcrop, and you’ll see Primeval Sorcerer Azur just sitting there near the Site of Grace, seemingly lifeless. Interact with the corpse, and after a moment you’ll receive Comet Azur.

Where To Find Elden Stars

RequirementsFP CostSlots Required
Faith 50472

In order to find this Legendary Incantation, you’ll have to do quite a bit of running, and this guide assumes you already have the Mimic Tear Site of Grace unlocked in the Siofra River. Get on Torrent and cross the bridge to the left, and just after the first arch drop down the crumbled section on the left. Follow the stone path all the way round, avoiding the enemies, until you come to a darker area of woodland underneath a viaduct.

You should start seeing ghostly jellyfish, indicating the correct path. Run past them until you come to a cliff edge, then drop carefully to the left. Carry on, registering the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, until you reach another cliff. Make your way down into the circular tower, being mindful of the powerful knight here, then keep left up some steps into a building with water. Keep right, up a passageway with some stairs, and into the cavern with the large waterfall. Here you’ll need to win a boss fight, a pair of Valiant Gargoyles.

Once done, rest at the Site of Grace, then find the coffin at the back of the room. Interact with it to rest within, and watch the cutscene showing you being transported to another area. Rest at the Site of Grace here, then get on Torrent and run west until you see some giant upturned tree trunks. Cross these carefully, drop onto another, then up to a cave in the cliff wall.

Use Torrent to sprint through this cave, keeping left, then dropping to another level. Again, keep left, and you’ll see the cave exit and a glowing light on a small tree trunk. Be careful of pursuing enemies and don’t overshoot the cliff edge, then pick up the Elden Stars incantation.

Where To Find Flame Of The Fell God

RequirementsFP CostSlots Required
Faith 41202

Thankfully, you won’t need to go through half as much an ordeal to get hold of the Flame of the Fell God incantation. Instead, you’ll need to do battle with Adan, Thief of Fire, who is an optional boss found within the Malefactor’s Evergaol in Liurnia.

To get there, start at the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace, and follow the cliff edge on your left until you reach a Spiritspring Jump for Torrent. As soon as you land you’ll see the Evergaol on your left, simply head inside and defeat the boss to receive Flame of the Fell God.

Where To Find Founding Rain Of Stars

RequirementsFP CostSlots Required
Intelligence 52322

This sorcery requires you to have progressed significantly in the game, to the point where you have made your way through Leyndell, Royal Capital, and accessed the Grand Lift of Rold by uniting the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. As such, Founding Rain of Stars is very much a late-game spell.

The area you need to reach within the Mountaintops of the Giants is Heretical Rise, found atop a cliff in the northeast. However, Elden Ring being the way it is, it’s not as simple as just rocking up and climbing the tower. Nope, you’ll need to cross an invisible bridge to reach the higher levels of this tower. As such, it’s better to start from the Freezing Lake Site of Grace.

Set a marker for the Heretical Rise tower, then head northeast until you see a collapsed arch with a couple of skeletal archers on it. Kill these, so they don’t cause problems, then look to the cliff edge. You’ll see a bridge that ends abruptly.

However, it doesn’t end. You can cross about three quarters of the way across this invisible bridge, before you’ll need to arc upwards to the left. You’ll be able to tell the safe path thanks to white, wispy clouds marking your way. Of course, if you’re playing online, there’ll also be messages and bloodstains marking the path.

Once you get over and into the tower, kill the two strong enemies in the first room, then make your way upwards. Call the lift, ascend, and kill the final enemy on the stairs on the outside of the tower. You’ll find Founding Rain of Stars in a chest in the topmost room.

Where To Find Greyoll’s Roar

RequirementsFP CostSlots Required
Faith 28752
Arcane 17

This spell can be both easy and difficult to obtain, depending on how you approach it. A powerful boss, Greyoll is an Elder Dragon found near Fort Faroth in Caelid, and the boss fight itself will depend on you defeating several smaller dragons that surround Greyoll and are linked to its health.

The cheese method involves equipping a bleed weapon, such as the Uchigatana or Bloodhound’s Fang. From the Fort Faroth Site of Grace, head down the hill until you’re nestled among the dragon’s belly as in the screenshot below. From here, the smaller dragons shouldn’t reach you, and you can wail away with the bleed buildup dealing sizable chunks until the dragon falls.

Once defeated, head to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in southwestern Caelid where you can now purchase Greyoll’s Roar for the princely sum of three Dragon Hearts. Luckily, you'll receive five for slaying Greyoll.

Where To Find Ranni’s Dark Moon

RequirementsFP CostSlots Required
Intelligence 68622

This sorcery is perhaps the most intense to obtain, as you’ll need to follow a very long and sizable quest chain. Luckily for you, we have a guide that takes care of all that.

Once you’ve beaten Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, ride the lift to the Moonlight Altar plateau. You’ll find Chelona’s Rise in the far southeast of this area, past the Ringleader’s Evergaol. Be mindful of powerful enemies here, such as Crystalians and the Lesser Red Wolf of Radagon. Ranni’s Dark Moon is in a chest atop the tower, which can be accessed once you’ve found the three spectral turtles.

The first turtle is slightly to the west of the tower, near the edge of the cliff. The second is on a cliff edge quite a distance to the east, while the third is flying above the Ringleader’s Evergaol. Use a ranged weapon to take down the ones that are out of reach of your physical attacks.

Where To Find Stars Of Ruin

RequirementsFP CostSlots Required
Intelligence 43381

This is another spell hidden behind a lengthy story, so be sure to check out this guide for specifics on how to reach the point in Sellen’s questline where you can obtain the spell.

You’ll receive the Stars of Ruin sorcery when you interact with the corpse of Master Lusat, in the Sellia Hideaway section of the questline.

Once you’ve acquired all seven spells, you should receive the Legendary Sorceries and Incantations achievement on Xbox or trophy on PlayStation. It’s necessary if you’re looking to complete the game 100 percent, so it’s worth putting in the effort!

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