Elden Ring Fan Finds Godfrey Frozen Under The Erdtree

While modders are removing the Erdtree entirely, one player has decided to glitch their way underneath it to see what FromSoftware's hiding in its roots. Turns out that it stores a couple of final bosses under the map for good measure, namely Godfrey's second phase.

Vlad17design used Malenia's Blades' special ability to travel down the roots onto a pillar where they shuffled along to a cliff ledge. Normally, the invisible walls here nudge you to a quick death, but vlad17design got past and reached the underbelly where they found Godfrey (thanks, DualShockers).

He's standing there awkwardly with his hands out and open, eyes cold and dead. He won't attack you – he's frozen solid. But if you go back up and kill him in his arena then return to the Erdtree's roots, you'll find he's disappeared. Somehow, he slithers up the tree, pops out for a quick duel, and then dies. But that's not the only boss that vlad17design spotted.

They ventured as deep as they possibly could into the roots until they spotted an unreachable area where a giant creature could be seen. It's hard to make out what it is, but fans speculate that it's the Elden Beast, Elden Ring's final fight. This would mean that there are two whole final bosses neatly tucked under Elden Ring's world.

Going deeper still, vlad17design found the final bosses arena and entrance, so it looks like where we fight the Elden Beast is much deeper than originally thought. That or it's just neat game design used to hide key assets, not to be taken literally. Probably that.

If you fancy going down yourself to see these bosses in their unnatural habitat, you can try your best to replicate the embedded video above, but dodging invisible walls isn't as easy as vlad17design makes it look. Regardless, there's still a lot about Elden Ring for us to discover even all these months later.

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