Elden Ring Has A Nod To Twitch Streamer LobosJr

LobosJr has been streaming challenge runs for nearly ten years now, becoming a key figure in the Souls community. He's beaten Dark Souls with his fists, survived Demon's Souls without healing items, conquered Sekiro without levelling, and toppled Dark Souls 2 with nothing but a ladle. To commemorate his many, many achievements, developer FromSoftware has named a character after him.

LobosJr affectionately calls his audience the Wolfpack, so what better way to celebrate his decade-long masochistic love for FromSoftware than by naming a wolf after him. You can find Latenna at the Slumbering Wolf's Shack, curled up with her dead wolf's body, and she reveals that its name is Lobo.

The Slumbering Wolf's Shack is a hidden little location in Elden Ring. You get there by going through the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon, but she won't talk to you right away. In fact, she'll shoo you off, thinking you're one of the dungeons' enemies, but she isn't hostile. She's too busying grieving Lobo. One too many challenge runs, eh?

However, if you go to the Village of the Albinaurics and talk to Albus, you'll get the Haligtree Secret Medallion. Revisiting her, you can use this as proof that you're an ally and she'll talk to you, revealing her wolf's name. With that, you'll get a Spirit Ash to summon for Latenna, letting you call her into battle whenever you need aid.

Later on, when you reach the Apostate Derelict in the Consecrated Snowfield, you can get another item, the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. All you need to do is summon Latenna by the giant woman. All the while, she can help you on your adventure, keeping LobosJr's Wolfpack spirit alive.

LobosJr, or Mike Villalobos to use his real name, has been challenging himself in Dark Souls beyond the usual FromSoftware edge for years now, even going as far as to speedrun some of the games. He's beaten Dark Souls 2 in only one hour and 11 minutes, and as he's grown over the years, he's built up a dedicated audience.

He's grown so much that he launched his own clothing line. But that's not all. Occasionally, he merges Dark Souls challenges with charity work, raising money as he dies, dies, and dies again. You can find him over on Twitch and YouTube, probably running a tough gauntlet that'll make your eyes water.

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