Elden Ring Players Are Running On Lava With Frenzied Flame

Elden Ring launched well over a month ago, and even though other games like The Forgotten Land and The Skywalker Saga stealing away some of its spotlight, FromSoftware's latest title is still getting a lot of attention. That's partly due to The Lands Between being so vast, players are investing tens, if not hundreds of hours into exploring it and finishing the game. However, it's also due to dedicated players finding new ways to explore, whether they be through glitches or elements of the game waiting to be discovered.

Players have discovered a new exploit in Elden Ring, and after a lengthy discussion, no one can decide whether it's a glitch or something that has been included intentionally. The ability was first highlighted by Rhyfel on Reddit. The clip, which you can check out below, shows Rhyfel's Elden Ring character shedding their armor and sprinting across lava without taking any damage.

Rhyfel claims they were able to do this by equipping the Frenzied Flame body alteration, not to be confused with Elden Ring's Frenzied Flame Seal weapon. However, other players in the comments have claimed even with Frenzied Flame enabled, they have been unable to traverse the lava at Volcano Manor. That has led to people testing different things to try and discover exactly what it is that allows you to walk on lava without taking damage and so far, no one has come up with a definitive answer.

That's one of the reasons why some have decided this is a glitch and not something FromSoftware wanted Elden Ring players to eventually discover. The other reason that conclusion has been reached is, as you can see, there isn't really anything to be found out on the lava's surface. No items to be picked up or hidden side quest to unlock. All signs point to the game never being created with the ability to walk on lava in mind.

Exploit or not, speedrunners will likely be watching very closely, trying to figure out if there's anything here that can be used to shave precious seconds off their records. The current record stands at less than 20 minutes. Pretty darn impressive for a game that has taken most players tens of hours to finish, and even more to explore fully.

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