Elden Ring Players’ Biggest Grip Is Messages Not Disappearing Automatically

Elden Ring looks set to top many game of the year lists, but that doesn't mean it's without flaw. FromSoftware's latest offering may be great, but it still contains many of the frustrating characteristics the developer's games are known for. Players on Reddit have banded together to discuss their biggest gripes with the game.

Pop-ups are characteristic of the internet in the 2000s, but they're back with a vengeance in Elden Ring. Whether it's the game telling you you've used a Stonesword Key or telling you a door has been opened somewhere as you get stabbed to death by imps, we all just wish they'd go away on their own instead of requiring us to press a button to do it.

There are so many instances of these messages. Devices not operating, doors not opening from a certain side, the summoning pools becoming functional. Too many to be honest. They may linger so that players who aren't paying attention have a chance to see them, but enough's enough. Make them disappear on their own. Please.

One of the other top-rated comments on the thread is that the game simply contains too many Glinstone sorceries and not of the others. The Glinstone sorceries have deep lore connotations in the Lands Between, but people still want other spells given a chance to shine.

The prompt that double checks if you want to use a flask charge to revive Torrent got a huge number of upvotes. "YES I WANT TO USE A FUCKING FLASK CHARGE TO REVIVE TORRENT," commented piquant-nuggets. The fact it defaults to no is a crime against humanity.

Other annoyances include bows not scaling well, the button that opens the map not being the one that closes it, and tough enemies not rewarding enough runes upon defeat.

The funniest gripe is that bloodstains aren't accompanied by a laugh track. One commenter warned, "Every single criticism spoken here, Gideon will use against you so beware."

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