Elden Ring Speedrun Record Is Down To 14 Minutes

Elden Ring is a game where normal players can spend dozens, even hundreds of hours getting lost in the Lands Between. But to some, Elden Ring is a mere trifle to be picked up and put down in less time than it takes to finish an episode of Bridgerton.

Distortion2 has been leading the charge in Elden Ring speedrunning since the game was first released. He started at just under an hour, but then got that time down to under 30 minutes. Then under 25 minutes, and then thanks to recently discovered glitches and ideal paths, that time was further reduced to just under 19 minutes.

Today, Distortion2 posted a video that’s almost five minutes faster. Thanks to a supercharged version of the Zip Glitch and a different ending path, Distortion2 has been able to beat Elden Ring in just 14 minutes and eight seconds.

Besides swapping from Warrior to Samurai as his starting class, the biggest change in Distortion2’s strategy is employing the new Mega Zip Glitch, which is like the Zip Glitch but used to traverse far greater distances than before. The glitch works by pressing the guard button and then tapping forward in a specific pattern. The glitch is hard to replicate, and you’ll see Distortion2 struggle at times to pull it off. But once activated, the glitch allows you to bypass vast distances that would normally require hours of questing to traverse.

Distortion2 is also taking a new path that’s vastly different from his previous runs. Maliketh is the only mandatory boss fight, which Distortion2 handily dispatches using Hoarfrost Stomp despite its recent nerf. A few timed exits and reloads and a different ending than you might be used to, and we arrive at the end of Elden Ring in just 14 minutes.

There’s room for improvement though. The Zip Glitch didn’t cooperate fully this time, and at one point there was a random mob that stabbed Distortion2 in the back at Crumbling Farum Azula, forcing a reload and costing him roughly 20 seconds. We might even see Elden Ring beaten in around 10 minutes with a bit of luck.

If you’re more into 100-percenting Elden Ring but you don’t mind a bit of cheese while you do it, there are now two ways to kill Radahn without lifting a finger. You’re welcome.

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