Elden Ring Streamer Beats Every Boss Without Taking A Hit

The same Twitch streamer who punched their way through Elden Ring after 58 hours, GinoMachino, has just beaten the entire thing without taking a single hit, killing all 165 bosses. It took two months to prepare and another month to actually complete.

Like with previous Soulsborne challenges, this run had a few strict rules – chief among them, take any hit and you have to start over from scratch. So, if GinoMachino beat 164 of the bosses without incurring any damage but then, on the Elden Beast, lost even a slither of HP, they'd have to start from scratch.

They announced the run on March 7 with a tweet simply saying, "I will complete Elden Ring all bosses no hit". Jump ahead to the end of October and GinoMachino said, "We did it. Worlds First Elden Ring All Bosses No Hit Run has been completed… What a moment".

The VOD on GinoMachino's Twitch is nine hours long, ending with him standing in the final boss arena, celebrating his victory: "Holy shit you guys, I can't believe we did it," GinoMachino said. "I didn't think we would… I came in today not confident at all."

While GinoMachino made it look pretty easy to beat Elden Ring – and all its bosses – without taking a single hit, it's not that simple for everyone. Three-headed dragons hiding outside of time, big bears lurking in caves, and ghastly animals in underground cities are all renowned for being tough fights, but to reach the credits, you have to fight the Elden Beast. And for some, that's proving too difficult, so Let Me Solo Them is helping out. They claim to have even aided 2,000 people in their push to beat the game.

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