Elden Ring Surprises Players With Beautiful Rainbow

You'd be forgiven for thinking Elden Ring is nothing but desolation, death, and despair, but there's a lot of beauty tucked away beneath all the melancholy. One player on Reddit spotted a glorious rainbow arcing its way through the sky like the Great Runes of the Elden Ring itself, shining brilliantly in front of the Erdtree.

Redditor DudeMiles posted the screenshot below, along with the caption, "Wtf this game has rainbows." The community response has been about what you'd expect, with people suspicious it's actually a trap. FromSoftware has hurt us all too many times, we're cautious of anything that seems too good to be true in its games now.

The Rainbow is gorgeous, and, spoiler alert, contrasts the burning Erdtree magnificently. It's unclear how DudeMiles stumbled upon it, or if any treasure awaits them at its end, and most players seem to have never seen one in game either.

"Probably a huge lake of scarlet rot at the end of it tho," one sceptic replied. "Instead of a pot of gold we get a swamp of mold," wittily wrote another. As I said, we can't trust the nice things FromSoft puts in its games. Even the hugs in Elden Ring are lethal.

One person replied, perhaps seriously, "Woah never saw that before with 750+ hours in." DudeMiles responded, "I'm 1K hours in and just now seeing this smh." Now, where things get silly is when people start responding with "I’m 1725+ hours in and just now seeing this," and "I’m at 27638 hours in and just now seeing this /s." That /s means sarcasm, in case you didn't know.

One player asked if it had just finished raining, but DudeMiles noted they don't normally see rainbows afterwards, and if they were that common more people would know about them.

DudeMiles claims this is a completely legitimate occurrence in the game. "Nah lol it's legit. I was resting for a bit at the abductor virgin cave exit, and then after a while a rainbow just shows up. I couldn't believe it." Do you believe them?

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