Elden Ring’s 50 Hit Wall Has Been Patched

It turns out that Elden Ring's illusory wall that takes 50 hits to break was a bug all along, not an intended feature. Even by FromSoftware standards, that's a little much, and it looks like the studio agrees.

Players found a wall in Volcano Manor that could be broken to open up a needless shortcut to a room you could already access. It wasn't really worth the grind, although the grind was hotly debated – it takes 50 hits, you have to strike the right pixel, it depends on the weapon… The list goes on. But now it's gone.

As spotted by Eurogamer, a YouTuber by the name of Zullie the Witch decided to go back to Volcano Manor and swing at the wall a bunch of times following the latest patch, testing to see if it would still break. Alas, it wouldn't. The wall is now as indestructible as the rest.

If you missed out on the fun, you can always postpone the update and swing to your heart's content, but don't expect a treasure trove of broken weapons or anything of note. The community coming together over an obscure glitch was what made the wall great, not necessarily what was behind it. But it did also spark countless debates over difficulty and design.

Speaking of debates. One of the hotter topics in Elden Ring is the tutorial. It's not entirely clear that it's there, being down a dark, derelict pit, leading into a winding cave full of enemies that may as well be straw mannequins. In the network test, it was darker with no hints, but in retail, there was a handy ghost telling you to take the plunge, egging you on. For no reason at all though, a lot of people didn't trust the ghost in the FromSoftware game. Go figure.

So the newest patch also added a tutorial for the tutorial, helping new players figure out where to go if they want to learn the ropes. Or you can wander out and meet the Tree Sentinel. Good luck, Tarnished.

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