Epic Games free games: Alien Isolation to replace Defense Grid? Store launch time

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Epic Games Store will be releasing a brand new free game today, with Alien: Isolation rumoured to be replacing Defense Grid: The Awakening. As part of the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale the Fortnite makers are running a promotion which offers a new free game to download on a daily basis for 15 days. So far we’ve seen Cities: Skylines, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, The Long Dark and now Defense Grid: The Awakening listed as free-to-download for 24 hours.

And an alleged leak could have given PC gamers the full list of 15 games the Epic Games Store will be making available to download for nothing.

This alleged leak emerged on Friday, shortly before Oddworld was announced as a free Epic Games download.

And what’s interesting is this leak has so far correctly three games included in the Epic Games Store free games promotion, and accurately revealed the order in which these downloads are becoming available.

The leak correctly revealed Oddworld, The Long Dark and Defense Grid were going to be included in the Epic Games free games promotion.

Which could lend credibility to the alleged leak in general, especially the correct prediction of The Long Dark as this was a game that previously wasn’t listed on the Epic Games Store.

So it’s quite something this leak correctly revealed The Long Dark was not only getting released on the Epic Games Store, but also available as a free download for day one.

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This rumour was highlighted by Twitter user @jovanmunja, who is a Fortnite YouTuber and also shares news on the hit Battle Royale game.

And if this leak is indeed accurate then it means Alien: Isolation will be the next free games on the Epic Games Store, launching at 4pm UK time on Monday December 21.

Currently on the Epic Games Store there is a teaser image for the next free game.

And this placeholder boasts a neon green and dark green colour scheme, which will be familiar to anyone that has seen an Alien poster or a DVD or Blu-ray cover for the iconic sci-fi horror series tarring Sigourney Weaver.

Not only that, but this teaser artwork also features space helmet symbols, which could be a further nod to Alien: Isolation and the Alien series in general.

The Epic Games Store Twitter shared this teaser artwork and also dropped a hint about the next free game, tweeting: “This one is making weird noises. We’re sure it’s fine, though.”

On Friday Twitter user @jovamunja shared the alleged leaked list of 15 games that the Epic Games Store will be making free over the Christmas period.

They tweeted: “This got sent to me a few hours ago, I wasn’t sure if it’s real or not.

“But now, as New ‘n’ Tasty leaked to come out today, this list is most likely true. Still take it as a grain of salt. I’ll give you more info where it’s from.”

Here is the full list of games mentioned in the alleged leak:


• Cities: Skylines

• Oddworld: New n Tasty

• The Long Dark

• Defense Grid 1

• Alien: Isolation

• Metro 2033

• Tropico 5

• Inside

• Darkest Dungeon

• My Time in Portia

• Night in the Woods

• Stranded Deep

• Solitairica

• Torchlight II

• Jurassic World Evolution

Games included in this promotion are available to download entirely for free over a 24 hour period, with new daily downloads becoming available at 4pm UK time.

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