Esfand And Mizkif Pretend To Be Amouranth’s Bodyguards In Hilarious Collab Stream

Amouranth mixed things up by collaborating with fellow streamers Esfand, Mizkif, and Russel – bringing them along for an IRL stream in Texas. As expected, the Twitch personalities added some spiciness to the broadcast, sporting full gaming headsets in public. Esfand and Mizkif put the headsets to good use while in Macy’s, posing as Amouranth’s bodyguards.

When a cashier asked Amouranth about her camera, she began explaining what the group was doing. “We’re her bodyguards,” Esfand chipped in to help clear things up, proceeding to have a full conversation with Mizkif via headset.

The Twitch partners kept themselves busy by exploring some of Austin’s urban areas. Despite the public setting, the group seemed to have no issues creating entertaining situations out of thin air; Esfand and Mizkif made for quite the pair by not taking themselves too seriously.

The cosplay Twitch streamer seemed pretty relaxed throughout the day, going with the boys’ crazy antics. In fact, Amouranth cracked some pretty hilarious jokes of her own, showing off a different side of herself to viewers.

Many of her jokes revolved around streaming struggles and her own community, showing a good deal of self-awareness.

Redditors who viewed various clips of the stream seemed to respect Amouranth’s realness throughout the broadcast, impressed by her down-to-earth attitude – a deviation from some of her normal content.

The collaboration was a result of Mizkif joking around in Amouranth’s chat about a Pokémon painting commission – one which she completed and delivered. The joint effort quickly snowballed throughout the day as the group later ran into Greekgodx and Nmplol while shopping for groceries. Later on, they met up with Andy Milonakis and Cyr (both Twitch streamers with extensive backgrounds in media) – eventually forming a crazy combination of content creators.

Despite providing an entertaining IRL broadcast, Amouranth was banned the following day for – at the time of writing – an unknown reason. Sometimes streaming in public can result in temporary suspensions due to privacy concerns, but only time will tell why Twitch pulled the trigger this time around. This isn’t her first time getting in trouble, so odds are she will get things straightened out soon enough.

Amouranth may be suspended from the platform for the time being, but fans can still join Esfand, Mizkif or Russel on Twitch in the meantime.

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