Everything We Know About Rhinedottir In Genshin Impact

If you’ve been faithfully playing Genshin Impact recently and following Albedo’s story quests around the Dragonspine region, then you may have heard the name Rhinedottir (no space, it’s not “Rhine Dottir”) once or twice. Lore-hounds will already know that this character hasn’t yet made an appearance of any kind in the game, but their mention certainly piques our interest. Who is Rhinedottir, what is their significance, and how does it all tie into Albedo and the larger plot at hand in Genshin Impact? While we may not know all of the answers, we’ve done our best to find some of them.

Rhinedottir is, currently, a very mysterious character, but will no doubt become important and influential in the future of the game, and could potentially have huge ramifications for all of Teyvat. How so? Well, I’m not sure right now, but read through the information we’ve amassed below, and hopefully, you can tell us your theory on who Rhinedottir is and how they’ll factor into the plot of Genshin Impact.

Who Is Rhinedottir In Genshin Impact?

We don’t know much about Rhinedottir right now, but we know that Rhinedottir is the master of Albedo. Albedo is incredibly wise, one of the smartest people in all of Teyvat, so for Albedo to acknowledge someone else as a master, it must imply that Rhinedottir is, essentially, a genius, that may even know some of the secrets of the world.

Albedo also states that the great dragon Durin’s fire resonates with his life force, which leads him to assume that Rhinedottir created the dragon, and implies that Rhinedottir also created Albedo himself. We’ve already discussed the possibilities here thanks to a long investigative post on Reddit, but the bottom line is that Albedo is, very possibly, a created humanoid. Yes, a homunculus. This might sound like a bit of a stretch, but Albedo’s second passive talent is literally called Homuncular Nature. So this all leads us to believe that Albedo is a homunculus created by Rhinedottir for some mysterious reason, and that Rhinedottir could also have the power necessary to create a mystical dragon. I would’ve said this was all a stretch, but the evidence is all there.

When Will You Meet Rhinedottir In Genshin Impact?

So now we have to ask, will we actually be meeting Rhinedottir any time soon in Genshin Impact? And I have to believe that, yes, it is going to happen over the course of Genshin Impact’s next big update.

Albedo and Rhinedottir are confirmed to be masters of the Art of Khemia, which can cause massive destruction to the world of Teyvat, thus Albedo being watched by Dainsleif like a hawk. From this, we can make yet another assumption, and say that Rhinedottir will make an appearance in the Khaenri’ah region, which is due to be added to the world of Genshin Impact in a future update. That update should also introduce Dainsleif, and we should have more of this story made clear.

Let us know what your Rhinedottir theories are in the comments below!

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