Exclusive Reveal: Dark Horse And CDPR Readying New Cyberpunk 2077 Figure

Your Cyberpunk 2077 figure collection can get bigger, because we know some of you have already decided the game is worth obsessing over before it even comes out. Dark Horse and CD Projekt Red revealed a new figure of Takemura, someone described as “one of the most important characters featured in Night City.”

Little is actually known about Takemura, other than that he seems to be associated with the Tyger Claws gang. He’s shown up in some trailers for Cyberpunk 2077, but the biggest indicator of his significance is all the merch already lined up for him. He’s got a figure from McFarlane toys on the way, as well as a POP! figure. Now we can add one more to the list.

Dark Horse and CDPR have announced a more premium figure of Takemura. This one will stand at 9″ tall on its base and run for $49.99. He’ll arrive well after the game, with May 12 selected as a release date. His pose shows him flipping back his jacket as he draws a gun. The detail on the figure also shows the cybernetic enhancements creeping up the back of his neck.

More details on the figure, and pre-order info, can be found here. Cyberpunk 2077 will release on December 10 (as far as we know).

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