F1 Manager 2022 Motion Captured Alpine’s Actual Pit Crew

Managing an F1 team is kind of similar to developing a game. It's not just about the driver or the car, but the pit crew, strategy team, and mechanics also need to work together in order to ensure a podium finish, or a finish at all – just ask Ferrari this season. Similarly, if even one of the departments of a video game dev team doesn't work as part of a well oiled machine, it could lead to a broken game. Perhaps that's why developer Frontier has collaborated with an actual F1 team.

In a recently released behind-the-scenes video (thanks Eurogamer), the developer reveals that in order to match the authenticity in every aspect of the sport, the actual pit crew of the BWT Alpine F1 team was brought in for motion capture. Anyone with even a bit of knowledge of the sport knows that every millisecond counts – meaning that the pit crew needs pinpoint precision and timing in order to change tires, refuel, or fix any damage to the car in under three seconds. Frontier fe\tt that the only way to capture this was to bring in the professionals.

"Players are welcomed into the studio for the day, as they are immersed in the emotion of F1 through impressive motion capture technology," said the dev team. "From podium celebrations to live reactions following a successful overtake, F1 Manager 2022 replicates the broadcast-style camera shots seen by fans across the globe during moments of high drama."

"One of the pivotal points of an F1 race is the pit stop," explained lead animator, Tim West. "That was a really important moment for us to get right with animation. We wanted it to be as authentic as possible, so we spoke to team Alpine, and they were kind enough to come and help us out. Not only did we get to capture the motion of them doing the actual pit stop with an authentic Formula 1 car, but we also got loads of information from the team."

The video also featured team Alpine crew, such as team inspector, Louise Turner and No.1 mechanic for Fernando Alonso, Johnny Goodenough, who spoke about their respective roles and how they contribute to the team's overall performance.

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