Fall Guys Adds Portal 2 P-Body Skin

Fall Guys, in what is quite possibly its most notable crossover to date, has released a legendary cosmetic based on P-Body from Portal 2. Both parts of the skin are currently available in the cosmetic shop for five Crowns each, so assembling the whole set will cost a total of ten Crowns.

This Portal 2 skin is far from Fall Guys’ first collaboration with Valve. Players who pre-ordered the game received an exclusive Gordon Freeman Headcrab skin, and Team Fortress 2’s Scout recently hit the cosmetic shop as a legendary costume.

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A leak posted by reliable data miner HypeX hints that Chell, the Portal series’ player character and protagonist, will also be coming to Fall Guys as a legendary skin sometime in the near future. HypeX predicts that Chell will be dropping September 3rd alongside Pedro from My Friend Pedro, another Devolver Digital-published game.

While today is the P-Body skin’s first day in the cosmetic shop, Mediatonic had previously awarded it to Fall Guys‘ “statistically best” player: Dr. Lupo, a popular Twitch streamer who reportedly had 58 total victories at the time that he received the skin. A laudable achievement, considering that each win means triumphing against 59 other players.

Fall Guys is easily the hottest game of Summer 2020, and gaming giants such as CD Projekt, Valve, and Konami aren’t the only ones lining up for a collaboration. More than a few corporations are also clamoring for a Fall Guys skin, including AURORUS, a PC component manufacturer, G Fuel, famous for its gamer-branded energy drinks, and even KFC and Chuck E. Cheese of all things.

Fall Guys has capitalized on this interest with a bidding war: whichever company pledges the most money to UK-based nonprofit SpecialEffect will have a custom Fall Guys cosmetic added to the game. SpecialEffect, which seeks to make video games more accessible to disabled gamers, has received an avalanche of attention since Fall Guys announced the competition.

The highest known bid comes from infamous streamer Ninja and Aim Lab, who have joined forces to pledge a combined $420,069. The winner of the bidding war will be announced at the end of the month, so keep an eye out!

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