Fall Guys Season 2 Was Inspired By Raven, A Children’s Game Show In The UK

In a recent interview with IGN, Fall Guys’ lead game designer Joe Walsh revealed that some inspiration for season 2 came from the game show Raven. The UK children’s game show was nothing short of glorious, featuring bad special effects and host James Mackenzie in a raven costume… think low-budget Jon Snow.

In one particular challenge, contestant Worjo faced an obstacle course titled “Way of the Warrior.” This gauntlet was filled with plenty of perilous traps and hindrances throughout, all medieval in theme. It’s no coincidence that Fall Guys season 2’s Knight Fever level shares plenty of the same hurdles. Walsh elaborated, “For those who don’t know, [Raven is] a kids’ TV show with a high fantasy style and an amazing Scottish host. It’s just a great obstacle course with some really scary-looking obstacles.”

Between swinging scythes, drawbridges, and even the fabled “Thicc Bonkus” – players will be facing many challenges similar to those from Raven. As it turns out, the developers were so in love with the idea of incorporating medieval themes into Fall Guys, they had to push it into its own season. Walsh said that it “felt too good to put into the launch game, because it felt like we could do a whole season just around medieval stuff. Knight Fever is like a greatest hits of all of our favorite medieval obstacles from these shows that we like.”

That being said, hopefully a Ninja Warrior theme is coming next. The Ninja Warrior series is so intense, it’s classified as a full-blown athletic competition rather than a game show with an obstacle course. With the Fall Guys player-base slowly improving their grasp over the game’s mechanics, perhaps something more challenging would be appropriate later down the line.

For now, Fall Guys is an epic disaster of bodily coordination. As much as we love playing as those unassuming beans, they are not the most athletically-gifted creatures. Luckily, this makes for great, frustrating entertainment. Sending them through a gauntlet of medieval death-traps is a surefire way to keep us laughing through the rest of 2020. And don’t forget – season 2 is only a few days away, dropping on October 8.

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