Fall Guys Season 4.5 Update Releases Tomorrow, Includes Two New Rounds

It’s been announced that the mid-season update for Fall Guys Season 4 is launching tomorrow, bringing with it two new rounds.

Revealed by the Fall Guys Twitter account, Season 4.5 will introduce rounds called The Slimescraper, another race to the finish line round similar to the infamous Slime Climb,  and Button Bashers, where you’ll be battling it out with another bean to progress to the next round. Both rounds will enter the randomly selected pool of rounds when the Season 4.5 update launches tomorrow.

Also announced was a bunch of new features coming to the game including additional variations across a number of different rounds, custom lobbies that can hold as little as four players, improved latency when grabbing objects, and an in-game visual indicator of your connection quality. More importantly, crossplay has now also been enabled, allowing players on PC and PS4 to play together in all game modes. However, cross-platform parties aren’t yet possible.

A number of bugs will also be fixed when the update drops, including numerous improvements to de-sync and physics-related issues. Previously released rounds like Wall Guys, Door Dash, and Power Trip will receive several fixes to ensure these rounds run smoother, and there will also be some visual fixes for various different costumes.

In other Fall Guys-related news, a video recently posted to YouTube has leaked what appears to be a number of unreleased Fall Guys skins coming in the future. The skins shown include 2B from Nier Automata, Bomberman from the Bomberman series, and a skin from Tron of all things, with each skin labeled as “placeholder” in the video. There’s been no acknowledgment of the leak from either Mediatonic or the Fall Guys Twitter account, so it’s also possible this video could be fake.

Fall Guys is currently only available for PC and PS4 and will be for the foreseeable future. Both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of the game were recently delayed for an indefinite period of time so the team can properly implement features like crossplay.

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