Fall Guys Shows Off New Season 2 Footage

Fall Guys fever continues to take the internet and gaming community by storm. No matter where you go, it seems increasingly difficult to escape seeing Fall Guys. It is hard not to fall in love with the loveable designs, the simple gameplay, and the overall whole aesthetic that the game promotes.

While the first season of Fall Guys is currently underway, if you were wondering when the next season of Fall Guys will arrive or look like, then you are in luck. Well, in luck to see a sneak peek of the second season.

The Devolver Digital Twitter account released a small fifteen-second clip teasing the second season. The clip is brief and shows a bunch of players trying to scale a wall before toppling over each other. There were also brief moments of players traversing a map that seems to be castle-themed. The map in the clip was previously revealed during Gamescom, but we’re getting a new angle on the action. We also get to see more of those movable blocks that are bound to be a major obstacle this season.

Fan reaction ranged from excitement to dread – because of the frustration that awaits. While new content is appreciated, some fans have voiced their concern about shop prices and content drops in the game. While season pass updates are welcome, with the growing player base and popularity of Fall Guys it may take a lot more content to keep the excited fan base happy. The challenge comes in balancing quality and quantity, and Devolver Digital seems up to the task with how Fall Guys has been handled so far.

If you were wondering what the official Fall Guys Twitter account had to say on the recent reveal, well, they are busy continuing with posting memes. A price has not been announced for the upcoming season, although we’re assuming it will be free. How Devolver Digital handles monetization for its popular game moving forward will be an interesting series of events to watch. In the meantime, we can just enjoy Fall Guys while it still has a thriving fan base.

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