Fallen Legion Revenants – How To Defeat The Gallow Tree

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The last boss of Fallen Legion Revenants' third Chapter comes as quite the surprise. Narratively, the game has picked up with the crashing descent of Welkin, but there was no build-up to the boss you are about to face. Gallow Tree well and truly comes out of nowhere and does an excellent job at showing you why you should also stay on your toes when wandering through the Miasma.

Gallow Tree is a full-blow, three-phased boss fight that can quickly get out of control. Similar to Catherine from Chapter Two, Gallow Tree is very much themed around its minions, although thematically and mechanically, Gallow Tree ends up delivering something altogether very different.

Gallow Tree’s Attacks

The Gallow Tree doesn’t attack often, but when it does, it deals a tremendous amount of damage. Nearly all of its attacks are AOE, and we found their timing to be difficult to lock down, leading to our early attempts to be filled with healing – which slowed our progress substantially. Not only that, but Gallow Tree’s minions will also attack in various ways, and they are far more aggressive than the tree itself.

Ill WindThe Gallow Tree will conjure a mighty gust of wind that strikes all Exemplars for high damage. It also pushes your Exemplars back.This attack is Gallow Tree’s earliest form of AOE damage, and it is rather awkward to time. The parry window is quite tight, and, not only that but it can’t be reflected. At the very least try to block this attack and mitigate some of the incoming damage.
DoomGallow Tree marks a tile on your side of the battlefield. If an Exemplar stands on this tile, the tile explodes, dealing heavy damage to all Exemplars.This attack is frustrating less because of the damage, and more because it restricts how much space you have to work with. The best way to deal with it is to ignore it.
RootsGallow Tree summons roots to erupt from under every tile on your side of the battlefield, dealing heavy damage.This attack is very much like Ill Wind, only it doesn’t have a knockback component and will only be used from phase three onwards. This attack is rather nasty because, whilst it has a tell and you can see the roots before they erupt, the attack is often mixed in with distractions from the likes of Condemned. This attack can be parried, however. The moment you see the roots appear below your Exemplars, hold block.
CondemnedGallow Tree summons an indestructible Condemned minion. This minion can attack with two basic melee attacks, and will combo those attacks together in later phases.The Condemned cannot be killed. The Gallow Tree will summon one Condemned during phases one and two, and two during phase three. You need to stagger them to temporarily remove them from the line-up.
AbsolvedGallow Tree summons an indestructible Absolved minion.Absolved is summoned in phases two and three and cannot be killed. Staggering absolved will temporarily remove it from the line-up.
AegisAbsolved buffs the Gallow Tree with Aegis, making it immune to damage.This effect lasts for as long as Absolved is active in the line-up. To remove it, you need to Stagger Absolved.
Chill/Shock/BurnAbsolved applies Chill/Shock/Burn to a tile on your side of the battlefield.This attack is especially frustrating as it will further restrict where you can stand during this battle. This attack can be combined with Doom to shut down half of your play space. You can’t do much about this other than Stagger Absolved.

Gallow Tree's Mechanics

The Gallow Tree has a lot of attacks thanks to its many minions, however, it only really has two unique mechanics, and they are so interwoven they may as well just be considered one. Gallow Tree’s minions are its biggest boon and ultimately, its downfall.

Condemned and Absolved are indestructible. So once they are summoned, they are always there. However, when they are Staggered, they are lifted off the battlefield for a short time, exposing the Gallow Tree to direct attack. What’s more, Staggering Absolved instantly staggers all of the Condemned and opens the Gallow Tree up for a Rushdown attack.

Because of this, your primary target should always be Absolved – so much so that from phase two onwards, you should completely ignore Condemned.

This fight is very Mana intensive, so remember to use Mana Chaining to quickly regenerate your Mana reserves.

Which Exemplars To Take

Because Absolved is the key to victory, you want Exemplars who can target Absolved from anywhere on the board, and be able to deal high amounts of damage. This makes Exemplars like Jacquine, Burgundy, Solomon, Dadenelle etc. very useful. Ideally, you want Deathblows that can do the same as Absolved and are fairly resistant to basic attacks.

We found Dardenelle’s Napalm Deathblow to be outstanding in this fight, as well as Zulfiqar’s Radiant Smite as they did high amounts of damage and could strike Absolved from just about anywhere.

Battle Strategy

The Gallow Tree is split into three phases, and how you deal with each phase changes slightly.

Phase One

Phase one is fairly simple. Gallow Tree doesn’t have access to its full repertoire of attacks, and it only has support from one Condemned. Quickly burst down Condemned’s BP gauge to remove it from the battlefield and then burn as much Mana and AP as you can, damaging Gallow Tree directly.

Gallow tree has surprisingly low BP, and in phase one, its HP is also fairly low allowing for a quick end to the phase if you can deal enough BP and Rushdown damage.

Phase Two

Phase Two is where the fight begins. Gallow Tree has access to more attacks, and not only that, but it also summons a Condemned and Absolved to aid it. The Condemned more or less stays the same and will attack you regularly. The Absolved will mostly mess with your playspace.

The trick here is Stagger Absolved quickly – burning as much Mana and AP as required. This will instantly Break the Gallow Tree, allowing you to unleash a Rushdown attack. Not only that, but Staggering Absolved will also Stagger any active Condemned.

Phase Three

All enemies are now more aggressive, making this phase incredibly dangerous as damage can quickly wrack up and overwhelm your Exemplars. If you start taking damage, you will be forced to heal. This will eat into your Mana reserves, making it harder to Stagger Absolved.

This phase can very quickly spiral out of control, so your best bet is to play very aggressively and Stagger Absolved as soon as it appears. Use as many Deathblows as you can to take it out of commission, and then Rushdown Gallow Tree. You will need to do this several times to win.

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