Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory – How To Defeat Micena

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Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory is filled to the brim with political intrigue, decision-making, and backstabbing. During Laendur’s rebellion, he comes across all manner of obstacles that hinder his path to the throne – Micena being one of them. Micena has had very few scenes over the course of the game, but the dagger in the back hurts all the same.

Micena is a powerful sorceress who is able to conjure not only the elements to batter her foes but also the souls of the departed to protect her. Micena may lack the overwhelming aggression of some of the previous bosses, but she more than makes up for it with raw damage and a wall of minions.

Micena’s Attacks

Micena will bombard you with a couple of spells during this fight, whilst also summoning progressively more powerful minions. Micena on her own is fairly straightforward, but juggling her minions at the same time is much more difficult.

Purple OrbMicena fires a large purple orb at the party. Micena will often fire this spell off multiple times in quick succession.This attack is a standard projectile and can be reflected without much hassle. Not only that, but this attack also moves pretty slowly, making the act of reflection even easier.
Fire OrbMicena fires a large fire orb at the party that deals heavy fire damage and inflicts burning.This spell is more dangerous than her other projectile, but the counter is very much the same. It doesn’t move overly fast, and the parry window is similar to projectiles you have dealt with before.
Spirit Of The SwarmMicena summons a swarm of bees to protect her.These bees are not that difficult to kill. They have low HP, and they don’t do a lot of damage, but they do body block for Micena. You will want to take them ASAP so you can continue to deal damage to your real target.
Summon WolfMicena summons a large spectral wolf.This wolf attacks with the same patterns as other wolves you have fought before. It tends to leap into range and quickly attack twice. Parry and counterattack to take it out.
Summon DrakeMicena summons a powerful drake.This is Micena’s final summon, and it is her most powerful. Despite that, however, it is no different to any other drake you have fought up until this point. It has a very predictable attack pattern, so like before, parry and counterattack.

Micena’s Mechanics

Micena has two main mechanics, with the first and most obvious being her summons. Micena will summon different minions based on her HP, so as she gets weaker, her summons get more potent. This is important to note as they also gain increased defensive stats. This makes them very difficult to kill. Micena can also resummon them after death.

Her second mechanic ties into her fireball. Micena’s fire spell is incredibly powerful. It deals huge damage to your party and to her summons if reflected. Reflecting these projectiles back into her minions will make this fight much easier. Not only that, but if the fire projectile hits Micena directly, she is instantly Staggered, opening her up to a Rushdown Attack.

Which Exemplars To Take

Once again coming in with the goods, Zulfiqar is outstanding in this fight. This is in part due to his incredible defensive stats and powerful Deathblows. The real kicker, as is always the case, is his Link Attack. This allows him to auto-parry just about everything in the game. This is especially effective against Micena as all of her projectiles are vulnerable to it.

Other than that, we found great success with Apollon and his Falcon Feign ability. This will lower Micena’s defences and make her easier to kill. We leaned more towards having ranged party members as they are less likely to get smacked by a fireball when attacking.

Battle Strategy

Micena is fairly resistant to both HP and BP damage. Throw in her minions who block most attacks, and you have yourself a surprisingly tanky boss. The strategy here then is to take out her minions to clear a path and then attack her whilst she is vulnerable.

This will only get you so far, of course, so get used to parrying her fireball. This attack will instantly Stagger her, which increases your damage output, unleashes a Rushdown Attack, and generally lets you burn through Micena’s HP without much bother. It took three Rushdown Attacks to kill Micena.

With Micena down, you are free to move on.

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